Sunday, September 24, 2006


You may see a familiar name (misspelled 'Ana'), if you scroll down a ways:

Contemporary Romance
1st Glynna Sirpless
2nd Kaye Dacus
3rd Kristian Tolle

Historical Romance
1st Audra Harders
2nd Andree Eisenberg
3rd Charlene Glatkowski

1st Cheryl Wyatt
2nd Susan Spencer-Smith
3rd Wayne Scott

Romantic Suspense
1st Jill Eileen Smith
2nd Robin Miller
3rd Kelly Ann Riley

Science Fiction/Fantasy/Speculative Fiction
1st Mirta Ann Schultz
2nd Rebecca Grabill
3rd Sherry Thompson

Women's Fiction
1st Marian Merritt
2nd Julie Saffrin
3rd Erin Keeley Marshall

General Fiction
1st Christina Miller
2nd Lynne Gentry
3rd MaryAnn L. Diorio

FaithWords Finalists (Top five scoring entries were sent to the FaithWords
editorial board. There were only four finalists because one withdrew from
the contest)
Andree Eisenberg
Audra Harders
Marian Merritt
Christina Miller

FaithWords overall winner (chosen by the FaithWords editorial team)
Marian Merritt

For the record, again: The middle name is Ana. Mirta Ana.


Janice said...

Woohoo! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Mir!

Where can I read it?

Mirtika said...

Thanks, JANICE! :)

You can't. I don't have it uploaded anywhere. I'm thinking of putting the prologue ,maybe, up at Mir Fiction. Hmm. (You are the snarkster, right?)

snark said...

It is.

snark said...

I mean, I am.

Anonymous said...

Mir, my dear, many congratulations!

Marian Merritt said...


Thanks for your kinds words and a hearty Congratulations to you!! I wish you'd been in Dallas. It would have been awesome to see you accept your award!

Meg said...

Mir, I'm afraid they misspelled your middle name on the plaque, too, in a different way: "Anne." But it's a lovely plaque anyway. I'll mail it tomorrow.

Congratulations again!


Mirtika said...

Egads. They spell it Ann, and then they spell it Anne. I'm Cuban. We do ANA, not ANN!!!!


Okay, okay. The universe won't fold. :)


Mir<--ready to blot out the middle name with a sharpie or something ; )