Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Unless Rowling is a Big Fat Liar:
Dumbledore is DEAD and Staying DEAD.

I get the Publisher's Lunch email, and the following of interest to Potter-o-philes (like moi) was in the August 3rd report on an appearance by J.K Rowling:

But the toughest questioning (and harshest answer) came from Salman Rushdie, theoretically speaking on behalf of his nine-year-old son standing next to him, who theorized that Dumbledore's death in book six was "a ruse." The essential question, he (and others) asked: "Is Snape good or bad? In our opinion, everything else follows from it."

Rowling replied, "I see I have to be more clear about this....Dumbledore is definitely dead.... All of you need to move through the five stages of grief." (Earlier she did hint that he might still be heard from somehow in book seven, though.)

She confirmed that she's got a "shorter, mericfully, book for younger children that's half-written" that she may return to after Harry is finished. Of book seven's progress, Rowling said that "this afternoon I believe I changed my mind about the title."

Now, dead does not necessarily mean gone, as STAR WARS' Obi Wan Kenobi evidenced. So, since she didn't say, "He's dead. He's not coming back. He's not in book seven. His corpse is rotting even as we speak. Get over it and sing this ditty until HP7 comes out:

Ding, dong, Dumbledore's dead.
Moss at his feet and maggots in his head.
I said it quite plainly, once more it is said:
Dumbledore's utterly, totally, really, really dead!

Okay, if he's physically dead, all the speculations about death scene fake-outs need to cease. But... speculations of how he might counsel Harry and thwart Voldemort from beyond the physical plane continue.

And, of course, the answer to that whole "Is Snape evil or not?" question remains, as it should, in dispute. We have less than one year to happily speculate, and after the book is read, no more mysteries will remain (maybe). So, let's enjoy the anticipation.

And I'll be mightily peeved if I drop utterly, totally, really, really dead before I read HP7.

ADDENDUM~ Here's a nice Rowling Q&A summary from

If you could bring one of your characters to life -- other than Harry -- who would it be? Hagrid. We all want a Hagrid in our lives.
(Question about Aunt Petunia's potential to love Harry): I will say this... There's a little more to Aunt Petunia than meets the eye.
(Question about upcoming deaths): You shouldn't expect Dumbledore to pull a Gandalf. I need to be more explicit: Dumbledore is definitely dead. I know there's an entire site out there called, and I'm sorry they're not going to like this answer.
If you could host five of your own characters for dinner, who would they be? Harry, Ron, and Hermione... [Rowling pauses; thinks about a different character who's dead but does not say his/her name. King interjects: "they could be dead"]. Dumbledore.... [another pause]. Hagrid.

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