Monday, August 07, 2006

UK Steve, Yoda, and "Life on Mars"

I got a kick outta UK Steve's latest post. I read the first sentence on bloglines (sans pics), so I was confused. Yoda? He's got a, what, a mutant dog/hedgehog/hamster/cat that's been dyed to be fashion-forward and named Yoda?

When I clicked to visit the blog, it all became clear: It' a car. It's a superfunky, retro blast of a car.

And you might catch a glimpse of it if you follow "Life on Mars" on BBC America. (I caught episode 1 and part of episode 2, then dozed off.) It's about a cop thrown back three decades to 1973.

And early seventies is exactly what Yoda screams at you. Lime color and all.

Check our UK Steve's report.

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