Friday, August 18, 2006

Sans Constraints:
What Demented Novel Would I Write?

I'm the blog-by tagging victim of Michelle at Edgy Inspirational Author.

If you'd like to read the result--and the bare bones of the novel I would like to write (if I were as talented and insane as P.K. Dick), head to Once Upon A Novel.


Anonymous said...

Loved your novel idea!

Reminds me a little of Wallace's (Infinite Jest) subplot where the PGOAT (prettiest girl of all time) becomes a member of HID (the hideously and improbably deformed) and wears their veil persuant to a "low PH" accident in her father's lab. (Although you're never quite sure. She might regard her extreme beauty has hideous somehow and joined HID in order to mask it.) Great beauty and ugliness give rise to some wonderful conflict and character.


Anonymous said...

And oh yeah, you're every bit as talented and insane as Dick. No more excuses. Write the novel.

Mirtika said...

Talented as Dick???What you been smoking, Chris??? We need an intervention here!