Thursday, August 31, 2006

A Plug, A Plea, and A Plus:
Summer is a VERY Good Time To Submit

I'll be honest. Summer is submission doldrums time over at Dragons, Knights & Angels. So, here's the plug and the plea:

Plug: We are a magazine of Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy and we pay. (Yes, very, very, very, VERY modestly. But we do pay).

Plea: We need fiction submissions! If you write science fiction (high on our list of wants) and fantasy (always welcome, naturally), and you aren't writing utter drivel that would make me weep to read, please submit to DKA. Read the Vision Statement, first. Then, follow the instructions, and, voila, you've submitted. It's easy.

We try to accept in decent time, and we aim to offer feedback on everything we decline or of which we request revisions.

PLUS: Our poetry contest is still open. First prize is $75.00. Second prize is $40.00. It costs nothing to enter but your time and talent.

Please drop by the site and consider being part of our ongoing effort to provide SF with a moral core and a spiritual uplift.

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