Monday, August 28, 2006

Please Pray For Ernesto's Speedy Demise

This weekend, anxiously watching the weather reports, I had time to pray for Haiti and Cuba, who were in danger from Hurricane Ernesto. I heard that the first official victim of the storm was a Haitian woman washed away by the storm surge. I don't have her name or village, but I hope you will ask God to specially bless Haiti today and protect people from further harm.

And it's Monday. Here we are on hurricane watch in South Florida.

Oh, joy.

I do have a praise:Ermesto is now downgraded (temporarily, they say; permanently, I hope) to a tropical storm. However, we're getting the message that we'll be on hurricane warning this afternoon.


I would be less concerned if I felt protected. But the twerp hurricane shutter guy still hasn't got my new shutters installed, and this after a series of missteps that prove he's an incompetent businessman. (Too many to relate at the moment.)

Note: I have shutters on all the windows and most of the doors, almost all the house. But Hurricane Wilma last year tore the shutter off one second floor door and damaged another upstairs. We're replacing those plus adding one more to an already partially-protected balcony glass door, just in case. The woes from last year's double-hit meant that getting anyone to put up new shutters was a protracted ordeal. Oh, and I still have a leaky roof in the back from last year's events.

So, I'm feeling the stress. (Serenity now! Serenity now!)

Please pray that Ernesto dies on the mountains of Cuba and never resurrects. And pray for the protection of all in harm's way.


(Serenity NOW!)


April said...

Definately have you in my prayers! Let's pray Ernesto crumbles and the season doesn't get pumped up...

Heather said...

Prayed for the Haitians, the Cubans, and that Ernesto doesn't hit Florida full-force.

Mirtika said...

Thanks, April and Heather. Prayers are always appreciated. God bless us, everyone...with a calm summer and fall, with no bad storms.


carmen said...

mir, i'm watching jim cantore standing live in miami as i type this. he says things aren't looking too bad for you -- i pray he's right and you're safe and sound and dry and at peace. and i hope your shutters hold. God bless.

Mirtika said...

So happy it fizzled. SOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mir, "do a little dance, make a little love, no storm tonight, no storm tonight."