Thursday, August 17, 2006


I was whooping so loud a couple hours ago that I probably scared every cat in the neighborhood. Hubby and I were watching the finale of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE and my personal fave competitor won: Benji.

Yay, Benji, you Osmond-toothed, long-legged sweetiepie!!!

To give the runner-up his props, I'll admit it: Travis was great. His pirouettes and leaps were fabulous. I actually held my breath in stunned delight at some of his gorgeous moves.

But Benji won my heart from day one. Such adorable goofy boyishness combined with some very fun moves and energy to spare. Adorable! And when he had to do a romantic move in a paired dance, he threw me for a loop with his convincing sexiness. Goofball Gus exited the building and Smoldering Sam slid on in. Wow. That caught me by surprise! The guy can perform.

He and Donyelle were my two faves at the start of competition. I had to root for the big gal, me being a super-big gal. The big gal with the cocoa skin, cause I got cafe au lait skin. Well, all right, and I loved her personality and sass and her emotion-filled eyes. But Donyelle lost steam as the competition went on. One bad review threw her off stride. A broken toe didn't help. She lost some of her dazzle, and only started recouping it in the last week. I think she stayed in through to the end because of lingering loyalty--loyalty she earned with her early charm and excellence. I don't think she outdanced the competition in the last three weeks, but I think she grabbed our hearts and that got her through to the finale.

Heidi actually surpassed Danyelle in the later weeks of competition. I thought she did a great job of stretching to fit the routines. Good on Heidi! Her big, big, and bigger smile helped, I'm sure, and her lithe and flexible body, and her gumption. That girl has grit to spare.

Travis: Will he take Mia up on her offer and go dance for that contemporary style choreographer? I loved, loved Mia's work on the show. She and the Latin guy (his name eludes me at the moment) were my fave choreographers. At least talented Travis has options after he's done dancing the SYTYCD tour. Hurray, Travis!

But this girl is howling happy for Benji-boy. He's da man! I would pay to watch that long drink of joyful water dance!


Anonymous said...

Stop oooogling da pretty pretty boys, and get to work on your novel.


Mirtika said...

I shall oogle til the day I die. My husband is oogle-object numbah one! How ya doin', C?


Anonymous said...

Really? You oogle your spouse? Must be a gender thing. I restrict my oogling to the unattainable; the attainable I grope and so forth. It's kinda hard to oogle from an inch away, or even pressed right up against it, and not just metaphorically speaking either, that's my problem.

I'm doing okay M. Thanks.

Mirtika said...

hahahha. Well, let's say I ogle until he's finished with whatever he's gotta do and I can attack his cuter and comely totality at too close for ogling range. :)