Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Mir's Flummoxed: Please, Clue Me In

Okay, so I get this package in the mail today. Two books. I didn't recognize the sender, so I thought, "Oh, maybe an seller." I order so many books that I forget what, when, and who, ya know? (I get at least one package and sometimes two a week.)

I open it up and there are two very attractive novels, thickish and trade sized: DARK HOUR by Ginger Garrett and COLDWATER REVIVAL by Nancy Jo Jenkins.

And I have no idea why I have these lovely books of Christian fiction. Glass Road PR sent them to me, and they're a lovely group working on behalf of Christian fiction authors. I do know THAT much. (I get their email alerts.)

Um...I feel so dumb.

I don't remember ordering them. I do remember planning to buy DARK HOUR from my Family Bookstore nearby, cause I have a nice 25% off coupon and planned to hit the books there soon. I remember reading excerpts of both novels (prologue of one, first chapter of the other) last month or two months ago. Whatever.

But I have no idea why I have these books.

So, someone, tell me why I have these books, please?

I know FIRST TAKE blog tour is supposed to feature DARK HOUR in October, and I was advised we might get copies of it. But, um, I have two books. Am I supposed to have two books?

This is why I must write everything I commit to in my calendars and appointment books. I forget unless I jot it down!

Okay, smarties, one of y'all has got to know what I forgot. MC? Bonnie? Rebecca?

Clue me in.


Vicki said...

Well, can't help you there, but thought I'd say hi anyways:-) I just won another book drawing myself and Bethany is sending me stuff to review, so I'm in book heaven.

Mirtika said...

Well, I won a book over at Camy's Loft. So, I'm doing pretty good this month, huh?

Thanks for visiting, V.


The Curmudgeon's Rant said...

I’ve received 6 or 8 books in the last week connected to “First” or the “Blog Alliance”, but I don’t recognize those titles. However, I started receiving other books from other publishing houses, or authors and/or publicity agents asking me to review their books too. Maybe the same is happening to you?

Bonnie Calhoun said...

The book fairy sent them! Mhwhahaha!

Dark Hour is one of our reads, the PR people have been sending out other books with the specified materials. For example with the Cubicle Next Door...they sent three other books!

You could always check on the CFBA website-Book Schedule

Your a really good reviewer, why don't you join the Alliance instead of spending money on books! We've got seven new ones in the works right now that arent on the schedule yet!

Katie Hart said...

As a book reviewer myself, I get a bunch of unrequested titles from publishers and publicists. When (if?) I find the time to read them and enjoy them, I usually post a recommendation or review on my blog. When I accidently got doubles of some review books, my editor said to keep them - it's too much of a hassle for a publisher to process that type of return. Most of the time I try to use the books in promotion somehow, to help out both the publishers and the authors in thanks.

Mirtika said...

Rebecca from Glass Road contacted me. DARK HOUR I did notice was on the First Take list for October. I have no idea why I got Coldwater Revival. :)

The only reason, Bonnie, I don't join up with reviewing stuff, is I read slowly these days--slower than I type, seems like--and I don't like to commit to books if I think I won't like them. :-/


Bonnie Calhoun said...

At CFBA,when I was first organizing the chaos, I sent out the first group of books to all our reviewers. Now that we've got a system under "my" belt I send out an email asking which books you'd like to review from the upcoming selections!

Katie Hart is one of our cool people!