Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Grocer, There's A Beetle in My Yoplait!

If you want to get a sudden urge to start a raw vegan diet TODAY, read this:

The additives, carmine and cochineal extract, have been used for centuries and come from a female beetle imported from Peru, the Canary Islands, Bolivia, Chile and South Africa.

The agency said the beetle-derived ingredient is used in some 815 cosmetic preparations (most of which already are labeled). The additives produce the lovely pinks, purples and reds that perk up juices, popsicles, cosmetic face blush, the cherries in fruit cocktail that little kids love, port wine cheese, artificial crab meat, strawberry milk drinks, caviar, a fruit-based aperitif and other products.
Washington Post, May 9, 2006

Hang on a sec. They're dyeing cherries... red? And grapefruit I thought cherries were kinda already naturally red enough. And aren't ruby red grapefruit already pre-tinted by God?

Maybe they should just put strawberry in that strawberry milk. I'm certain the berries still are nice and colorful. When I make strawberry milk at home (skim milk, frozen strawberries, honey) it has a nice strawberry-milky color. No crushed beetles needed.

I wonder if my fave imported yogurt--Emmi's pink grapefruit--has beetles. Hmmmm.

Oh, well.

My sister is allergic to red dye, btw, and she's been avoiding maraschino cherries and blusher and artificial colors for as long as I can remember. I had always pictured food dyes as some chemical goo created in a lab, a dye having something to do with plants and nothing to do with something that moved.

Apparently, she's just allergic to beetles.


Heather said...

I try to buy organic as much as possible. I guess a beetle is organic. And I just bought strawberry yogurt this morning. Yikes!

Mirtika said...

Yes, beetles are definitely "natural." hahahha.
And I also like organic, but I don't always like the quality of the organic (ie, freshness) at my local grocer's. And Whole Foods ticked me off.


Carol Collett said...

Please don't tell me there are beetles in my food. Talk about horror! :)
Guess they won't kill me. Probably been eating a lot worse and just don't know it.

Heather said...

Gasp! Horror of horrors! A Whole Foods adversary! WF (um, not WWF) has changed my life. Just when shopping was lost to me, just when I was praying for the money to send a maid to complete the dirty duty, WF came into my life (cue "Just As I Am").
Seriously, I do love that place. I did hate grocery shopping, but I will actually go to Whole Foods now for a pick-me-up. Pitiful, I know. Anyone else need a lift on the bandwagon?

Mirtika said...

I like the place (ie WF), but I've known two folks who work for them who have been treated like total crap. I figure if you are there for people's health and well-being (and profit), you should treat your employees well.

Well, and groceries there cost me 1/3 plus what it costs at Publix (even when I don't buy organic everything at WF). They're expensive!

Nice soups and baked goods, though.


Mirtika said...

Carol, yeah, you've probably had a bit of rat tail and roach in your canned goods.

Mir--the soon to be vegan ahhahahahaa