Friday, August 11, 2006

DUFE Made Technorati #1: Offer Extended

Chris "Nifty Novelist" Well had a really happy 40th birthday. All you nice bloggers got his novel, DELIVER US FROM EVELYN, to Technorati book ranking's #1 spot. And DUFE cracked's 1000 a couple days ago.

He's so very happy, in fact, that he's extended his Birthday Bonanza through August 14th.

You do want to take advantage of this: Buy a reasonably priced and delightful Christian crime novel that's dosed with humor, and you'll get free goodies, your name in Chris' next novel, and a chance to win a box of books.

You have 'til August 14th. Monday. Get cracking!

Details found by scrolling below to DO YOU WANT YOUR NAME IN A BOOK? or by CLICKING HERE.

Remember to drop my name.


Vicki said...

Good deal. I'm in!

Howyadoin' Mir?

Mirtika said...

I'm okay. late summer is tough on my asthma and sinuses--not to mention my peace of mind, ie, hurricanes--but I'm staying indoors and hanging in. :)