Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Do You Want Your Name In A Book?

No, really. Have you ever secretly wanted your name in a book?

I actually have my name purposely added to two books--one as a minor character and one in the acknowledgments. I'm aiming to get it in more! (And in the not-so-terribly-far future, The Mir hopes, my name will be on the cover of one.)

But here's how YOU can get YOUR name in a book pretty darn kinda soon and haul in some bonus loot:


1. Go to amazon.com on August 9th
(Bonus Hours: 6PM Aug 8th--that's TODAY--through Noon Aug 10th)

2, Buy the zany redemptive thriller DELIVER US FROM EVELYN.(A book which I, the Mir, recommended on this blog and reviewed on amazon.)

3 Email the amazon confirmation code to Birthday06@StudioWell.com--and maybe say, "Hey, Chris-man, happy world-entering, first-air-breathing day!"

4 Look foward to getting ALL THIS.

5 Read the book and have a dandy old time, cause it rocks!

6 Sometime in April of 2007, look for a thanks to you BY NAME from Chris in his next novel: KINGDOM COME.

The Curmudgeon suggests taking pics to commemorate the "hallowed event." As a photophobe, I say a general happy dance and a bit of dark chocolate will suffice.

The first chapter of DELIVER US FROM EVELYN is here.

And my review is up at amazon under "Mir."

If you want to help The Mir win some books, you can also do this: If you buy DUFE and you heard about this Birthday Bonanza here, please tell Chris when you email him with your confirmation code that you got tipped off my ME, Mirtika.

Cause this is what could happen, and I quote Chris Well:

2) When your friend takes advantage of the offer and emails us his or her confirmation code, your friend also says "[YOUR NAME] sent me" -- and BOTH of you are entered in the drawing. (One entry per confirmation code.)

3) Every person who drops your name is ANOTHER entry for you.

4) When we draw the winning entry, BOTH the person who emailed it AND the person who told them about the offer EACH WIN a prize pack -- a dozen mysteries and thrillers from these great Harvest House authors!

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