Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Brandilyn Collins and the Mir
on Author Endorsements

If you haven't visted Forensics & Faith in a week or more, you will have missed Brandilyn's very good, quite sensible, and possibly discouraging-to-newbie-wannabe-authors remarks on author endorsements of manuscripts/novels.

The posts run through several days, but begin here.

I remember when I didn't know squat about publishing. I assumed that if a name and blurb by an author I admired was on a novel that the famous author was whiz-bang wild about the work and had no connection to the author other than as reader.

Oh, the naivete.

I've since seen that there are author groups--critique-and-support or friendship based ones--and that they recommend each other's work. It's not a bad idea. I wish I had such a group pushing me on to greatness and standing by me with blurby support.


Knowing this means if I see an endorsement from an author that I know to be a pal or critique partner of the book's author, the blurb has zero selling value to me as buyer-reader.

Granted, the general audience isn't aware of these things, so the blurbs still hold value for them.

Which probably means this: Don't publicize that you have X and Y bestselling authors as your support group or bosom pals since childhood, cause that diminishes X and Y's blurb's value to some degree.

I think, anyway. I could be wrong. That might just add to personal mystique.

I recall when I first heard of a major group of writer-pals in the secular arena, writers who met and jammed and encouraged and critiqued one another, and who had several best-selling authors in their clique. After that, if one praised the other on book or in interviews, while nice, meant much less to me. I figured, "Well, shoot, of course they're gonna praise their bosom pal. Who's gonna diss the novel of a bosom pal?"

Of course, I'll want endorsements when I have a book to push. I just hope it's endorsed by someone who really, really, really loves it. I wonder what Neil Gaiman or J.K. Rowling will be doing 'round then. : : grin: :

Anyway, do drop by and read what Brandilyn has to say. She knows the business a zillion times better than I do (and from the inside), and it's interesting stuff she has to say.


Becky said...

I don't know, Mir. I tend to think that like minds hang together more often than not. So if a writer is a pal of another writer, I think there's probably some shared ideas of what makes for good writing. Not completely, of course, but enough for me to think that if I liked the one, I just might like the other.


Mirtika said...

Not necessarily. The group I refer to (without naming names) has a couple of authors I enjoy, and the others I don't. :)