Monday, August 21, 2006

August CSFF Blog Tour: Kathy Tyers

Welcome to the August 2006 edition of the Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy Blog Tour.

This month, we focus not on a website or a new novel release, but rather on an author who has published in both the ABA and CBA, one who has the respect of many, many in Christian Fandom for her stories of faith and speculative fiction: KATHY TYERS.

Kathy is best known for her FIREBIRD trilogy, although she's published other novels in speculative fiction, notably SHIVERING WORLD and two Star Wars novels: THE TRUCE AT BAKURAand BALANCE POINT.

As part of the blog tour, you'll be able to enjoy Elliot's review of the trilogy and Beth's interview with Kathy, which will be posted tomorrow. I also recommend this interview over at Christian Fandom, where I particularly appreciated having Kathy explain how SHE pronounces her own name and some of the names in her work:

buh-COOR-uh (from a Korean term for "outside" that I picked up in Tae Kwon Do)

BOSH-um (from the name of my Polish friend, Basia, pronounced BOSH-uh) (I have also been known to pronounce this one BOSS-yum, though)

CARE-uh-dee (from "chickadee", I suppose)

si-TANJ-uh-low (from "city" and "Angelo")

KRISS-tuss (from "crystal")

AIR-ut (a surname – this world was "Auria" in a previous version, and Steve asked me to change it, to avoid all implication of "Aryan" as the "superior race" – which had not occurred to me)

GEH-ree-ul (Derivation: You figure it out. Substitute "lad" for the first "e.")



FEE-nuh (Steve, who lies in Phoenix, still calls her foe-EE-nuh... I suspect he does that to bug me)

si-WAN (from "swan")

THEAR-i-kuh (maybe subliminally from "Syria")

TIE-rrs, not "TEARS" (and I am fairly certain it is English)

vr-OH (originally VeeRon, a pulp-sf planet name if I ever heard one)

Some months ago, I gave away the all-in-one volume of her FIREBIRD trilogy, which includes the novels FIREBIRD, FUSION FIRE, and CROWN OF FIRE. Jason, I hope you enjoyed them.

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A link to (that puts some dough in my book-buying fund) may be found at right in my sidebar. Just scroll down. The FIREBIRD trilogy is the second book listed.


Tina said...

Just another tour member popping in to say hey!

Rebecca said...

So I *have* been pronouncing her name correctly. That's good.

Becky said...

Oooohh, I'm so glad you got those pronunciations. I need to make a copy of this. I've been saying about half of them wrong.


pixydust said...

Yah, those pronunciations are great! Thanks Mir!

Bonnie Calhoun said...

the the blog tour name i was looking for! Cool

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Wait? Where is the tour headquartered....I want to put the link on the CFBA Industry page! Email me, Mir!

Mirtika said...

Bonnie, it's headquartered in the ACFW forum, in the SF/F section. Drop by, girl!

Mir<--who slept 16 hours, and now has a backache from being in bed too long

Carradee said...

I realize this comment is about two years late, but…

Ironically, a "carradee" is actually a Jamaican bird, per some reference I found in a world geography class a few years back.