Monday, August 14, 2006

ACK! The Mir Has Been Tagged:
Ten Qs with More than Ten As

I am not overly keen on being tagged, because, well, I like answering my own questions more than someone else's. ::grin:: But from time to time, I cooperate.(Which means that from time to time, I ignore tags. Hah.)

In case you're curious, an early Mirathon post had my answers to the tag-challenge to make fifteen comments on books. I answered with my usual Mirness, which means there is a strong SF element, a literary tone, a skewed vision, a God element, and, yes, I go on quite at length. I also offer more than 15 comments with creative numbering to boot. I did it cause it was fun and on one of my fave topics--books! Of course, when I was tagged again, I gave the proper Blog Queen response: "I am standing in a tag-free zone in the Kingdom of Mirathon."

But Shannon is a cool gal-who-writes and I like her and I'm well-rested. Answering tag questions of a personal nature means I get to fully wallow in egomania, moreso than blogging normally allows. So, without apologies for the me-me-me-ness that is to follow, and continuing with the precedent of giving more answers than necessary, here goes...

Q1. A friend who has blessed me?

A1. Every one who has ever been a friend, ya know? But yeah, I know, cop-out. So, to pick one that has done or said something that was a special blessing to me recently--and since this is an online tag thing, I'd have to choose an online pal: Keesa Renee Dupre. Her creative and optimistic and encouraging spirit really cheer me up whenever I cross her electronic path. Plus she likes my poetry. That's one way to bless me, just like what I write!

Q2. An unexpected gift?

A2. The very talented Samantha Henderson calling my contest-winning poem "gorgeous" without my having to bribe her or kidnap a pet. She is light years more talented than I am, so I really consider that a present.

And you should immediately go buy Fantasy: The Best of the Year, 2006 and read her excellent story titled "Five Ways Jane Austen Never Died." But if you must, read it for free online.

Also, my sister gave me two books by Latino authors yesterday (Isabel Allendeand Oscar Hijuelos). Not too shabby.

Q3. A kind word shared with me recently?

A3a. Someone said I had a fabulous sense of humor. This was good to hear when I'd been feeling grumpy and not-at-all laughalicious.

A3b. And these words from the eloquent Mr. J.M. Bertrand back in May had me peacocking for a month plus: "This has got to be one of the best, most comprehensive (yet concise) diagnostics for 'troubled' manuscripts that I've come across. Mir focuses on all the little things that make my inner editor groan. If you're trying to perfect your craft, this is a good place to begin.

Q4. Something that makes me stop and praise God?

A4. My husband's miraculous face.

I've told my sweetums many a time that he's walking, talking, breathing, dazzling proof that a benevolent and eternal Wise Creator exists, and that He has impeccable taste in design.

Q5. Something I'm looking forward to?

Q5a: The True but Shallow Answer: My first letter from some person who buys my first published novel and says, "This is the most delightful thing I've ever read."

Q5b: The True but Shallower Answer: And the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay, Adapted From Her Own Novel "The World Ends Tomorrow," goes to Mirta Ana Schultz.

Q5c: The True but Shallowest Answer: Winning the Florida Lottery when the jackpot is 50 million.

Q5d: The True but Profound Answer: Hearing, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant."

Q6. A particular part of me I'm pleased with?

A6. My big, juicy brain that is covered by my naturally curly hair. (Oh, is that two?)

Q7. Something in my life that I wanted but never expected?

A7. A man who loves me body, heart, mind and soul, and even when I have stinky armpits, morning breath, dirty hair and raging PMS, and who means it when he leans in close an says, "Sweetheart, you're so beautiful." (Which goes to show love is not blind, but just very, very, very farsighted.)

Q8. A place that moved/moves me?

A8. The steps of the Supreme Court of the US of A. and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan.Both just about sent me to my knees with the whirlwinds of emotion. And I really have strong feelings about my bed.

Q9. One thing/person that always makes me smile?

A9. Hearing my husband laugh, really laugh, loud and unconstrained. And the winter night sky. If my husband were to laugh wildly into the winter night sky, I'd probably just die right there of sheer pleasure. (Honey, be careful about that this coming winter, okay?)

Q10. Most recent "love note" from God?

A10. The wild, mystical, down-pouring moonlight on Saturday.

It was something-- a big "I love you" from the Creator. I'm sure of it. The kind of moonlight that's like one of those late night whispers from His mouth, the ones you get when you are still in bed, awake but ready to fall away into dreams, when He lullabyes you from Heaven with that special, transcendent peace? Yeah, that's how Saturday's moonlight was in the humid, deep part of night: a wordless lullabye from the soundless Voice. His love note written on black air with silver moon-ink.

Abba is ever cool.

I have no idea who has or has not been tagged in this circuit of questions, but if you will forgive me, I tag:

1. Elliot of Claw
2. Stuart the Suarian
3. Carmen of the Open Space

And I won't be offended if you claim blogplomatic immunity.

Blog Service Announcement--

I'll blog later more about this, but please head over now to Carmen's "In the Open Space: God & Culture" blog and give her some book recommendations. I know you've got loads!


Shannon said...

Oh, Mir, those were great!!! Thanks so much for playing. (I love the multi-answers! Gee, why can't I ever think of clever stuff like that ...)

And for the record, I'd like to change my "what I'm looking forward to" to "life after the Genesis contest." :-P

Anonymous said...

Oh, that made my day. And it is gorgeous!