Friday, July 14, 2006

Um, No Snickering

I've finally made use of the domain name account I've had sitting around since I first thought, "Oh, I should have a web page about my writing stuff." I plan to keep it to track of what I'm subbing/pubbbing/contesting. Eventually, I want it to be a permanent (not scrolling, like this blog) resource of links and tips for Christian and SF writers and poets.

If you don't mind amateurish web home pages, check out my fledgling one:

Mir Fiction

~ ~ ~


Elliot said...

At least you didn't call it 'Mir Christianity!' ;-)

BTB, check this out:

Mirtika said...

I already have a blog called that. HAHAHHAHA But it's not often used. So far, it's just a place to copy a couple of posts from this blog.


Mirtika said...

Oh, and I made the blog just to "placehold" the name. heh

go on, guffaw as much as ye like.


Delia said...

I liked your "amateurish web home page"! And I like your blog! Which, by the way, I found through Camy's blog.

I'm not a published author, as a matter of fact, I don't even put myself out there as a writer (much). But, I do love to write and I love reading other writer's blogs. It lets me know I'm not the only crazy person out there losing herself in words.

Elliot said...

[guffaws] ;-)