Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Speculative Faith's First Week
Of Posting By "Regular Cast"

This week begins posts by Speculative Faith regulars. You may recall that I posted the introductory post, our vision and mission post. We'll probably have this week for introductory stuff. Soon cometh the meat.

Drop by and meet Stu-babe. He's Tuesday's guy.

Carol Collett is Wednesday's woman.

Beth Goddard is Thursday's dame.

And I'm Friday's femme.

It's quite possible that the smart and spiritual Miz Becky Miller will be Monday's missus.

We'll see.


Thursdays will be covered by Beth and Shannon McNear, alternating.



Stuart, Tuesday's Spec Faith Guy, is having a contest, and you can win one of two sets of four different Christian SF books. Get the lowdown at Jerkrenak's Den.

1 comment:

Stuart said...

Stu-babe? Only you could get away with calling me that :p

And everyone be sure to drop by on those other days! The ladies are way more eloquent and even a bit smarter than me. :)