Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Space Opera Fans, Rejoice! RAY GUN REVIVAL Has Launched

Did you dream of being a Christian space pilot? Is Star Wars at the top of your fave list? Does the term "Lensmen" mean anything to you?

Well, you'll want to check out a new webzine that's just taken flight: RAY GUN REVIVAL.

Whether you just want to read some space opera, or you write it and want to submit some, go by and check it out. Don't forget your flight suit.


Bonnie Calhoun said...

I wish I had the time...maybe someday when I retire...yea right...I'll wind up being busier than I am many blogs, so little time!

Rebecca said...

My flight suit is at the cleaners, dern-nabbit. But if it's space Opera, shouldn't it be a tuxedo/evening gown and not a lowly suit?

(This is what happens when the baby gets up at 5:54am.)

Brandon said...

Hi Mirathon,
thanks for visiting my site

Writing is so much fun. Good luck on your novel length story. I have plans to attempt one, but right now I'm focusing on short stories.