Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sharon Hinck's Request

If you checked out the comments to the previous post, you must have come across or skimmed or read Sharon Hinck's prayer request. In case you didn't, I want to post it here. All of you who want to see more CBA fantasy, well, get some prayer behind this contracted series of Sharon's:

I'm deep into the developmental/substantive rewrites for my fantasy novel that comes out in June, and my brain wants to explode. But then I remember how much we all want MORE MORE MORE of these kinds of story--so I dig in and work some more. And Nav is doing a great thing taking a chance on something that they know could be tough to market (I've learned it's not just about READERS...they have to sell the book to the booksellers. If the booksellers don't order it, the readers never have a chance to find it.). Please keep praying!

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Carol Collett said...

Praying-for more speculative fiction with a Christian bent. Praying-for strenght and perseverance for Sharon during this revision process.