Monday, July 03, 2006

Rings Frighteningly True To My Life

Please visit Angie Poole's blog and read her latest entry. If you are introverted and as writing-and-editing-and-reading-absorbed as I am, we may share this problem:

And I'm walking, trying to lower my cholesterol and get skinny and sexy (hello Stan!) and maybe even breathe better (goodbye Albuterol) but all I can think about is how someone died 100 yards from my laptop (hello inspirational writer?) and how I had only a vague idea of who he was (hello love your neighbor as yourself?).

I am a fraud.

A complete and total fraud.

Maybe I don't love Jesus. Maybe I only I love what he does for me. Maybe I only love the idea of Jesus. He sounds totally cool when he applies to my hurts, doesn't he?

Trust me. I've felt and thought this a lot in the past year. It took hurricanes in the last two years to get me to learn my neighbors names. They thought my house was untenanted. (Yeah, I don't get out much.)

Like Angie, I need to work harder at being a good neighbor, good relative, good Christian. I was doing it for a while--visiting, taking tasty treats, chatting--but my old hermit habits reasserted themselves again.

Angie's begun an active outreach. It's time I got my nerve up to do likewise.

I repent in dusty rooms and stove-top ashes.

Pray for all of us with this weakness, would you?

Maybe I just should go for a little walk tomorrow. . .


Anonymous said...

You are the most openminded and forthright (and funny) flavor of Christian I have ever tasted, and I have tased a few. And blogging makes extroverts of us all.

Howdy neighbor.


Angie Poole said...


Blessings on your walks!