Monday, July 10, 2006

RHYSLING and SFPA Online Poetry Contest Winners Announced

Here's your chance to read some very good speculative poetry--for FREE!

Head to the SFPA site where they announce the winners, as follows:

1st Place: "Morning, Europa" by Malcolm Deeley
2nd Place: "Office Complex, 13th Floor" by Ree Young
3rd Place: "Mice Over Fallen Mirrors" by Duane & Cathy Ackerson

Scroll down to find all three winning poems for your reading pleasure.

I entered two poems. One, a math meets myth meets magic poem called "Mirror Symmetry." The other a lighter one with several double meanings: "Highlight on the Guided Tour of the Fairy Tale Museum." I didn't win or place (obviously), but I have been informed that the latter poem was ranked in the top five by one of the three judges.

Considering that
1. the contest received more than 240 entries
2. many of those entries were by published and experienced and award-winning spec poets, and
3. I've only been writing poetry for few months after a long hiatus of about twelve years,

and this news is very encouraging to me in my efforts writing verse. Especially if I add to the above the thrill of my win of The Sword Review contest. I'm not about to tell my poetic muse to shaddup.

Now, where to submit one or both of these?

~ ~ ~

The winners of the prestigious Rhysling Awards this year are:


3rd Place: Marge Simon, "South"
2nd Place: David C. Kopaska-Merkel, "Tsunami Child"
Winner: Mike Allen, "The Strip Search"


3rd Place: Drew Morse, "First Cross of Mars"
2nd Place: Joe Haldeman, "Old Twentieth: A century full of years"
Winner: Kendall Evans & David C. Kopaska-Merkel, "The Tin Men"

*Trivia Question: Do you know, without googling, why they're named the Rhysling Awards?

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The SFPA website has a list of paying SF Poetry markets which you might try for your mirror poems:

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