Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Painting Begins - - - finally!

As you can easily extrapolate, it's hell getting anything repaired on the exterior of one's house after the last two hurricane seasons.

My back room ceiling still leaks when it rains.

It took me months to get painters willing to give an estimate. And though I contracted with the current painter two months ago, the painting starts. . .


Or, more specifically, the prep work for the actual painting starts today, ie. the pressure cleaning part.

I expect the strong cleaning agents will cause my asthma to flare up as it did last time the building was pressure cleaned.

I also expect much pain writing the hefty check for the second installment on the balance once the cleaning is done. Paint jobs for two story, four-apartment structures aren't cheap.


I am being totally unadventuresome. Our white building is being painted white. Our green front doors will be. . . green.

I'm creative with words, not colors.

Please pray these guys get it right and we have no bad rains for at least a week so they get this done nicely.

Thanks for letting me bore ya.


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