Friday, July 21, 2006


As I mentioned, I'm the Friday Femme at SPECULATIVE FAITH. Drop by.

I'm long-winded today.


Diedre said...

Hi, I'm not sure how else to contact you, so here's a comment on your blog! We both comment on Elliot's blog (Claw of the Concilator), and you've mentioned considering yourself a fundamentalist. I've recently had a confusing/bad experience with fundamentalists that I have documented on my blog (, the two most recent posts). Would you mind taking a look and responding to me? I want to know if you could shed some light on their behaviour. (They aren't speaking to me at the moment.)

Mirtika said...

Well, not being them, it's hard for me to shed light.

Think of them as any group that feels "attacked" and that may be the best perspective for insight.

I'll post over at your blog, but not having been in that group or at that place sort of handicaps me.

All I can do is speculate wildly.

But then, I like doing that. hah.

Coming over now.


Carol Collett said...

HI Mir-love the new look.

Tracey Bateman said...

Nice Look, Mir.

What did you think of Eureka? I thought it was pretty good. And Stargate SG1 has their spark back for this season. Still love Atlantis. SCI-FI channel rocks!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Carol and Tracey!

Eureka--the bits I saw, cause I dozed off in the middle part somewhere--seemed to be in a crossroad for me. It could go very dull or it could soar.

The pilot was okay for me. It had bits I liked a lot--the pyramidal soap bubbles were a nice touch, the experimenting mechanic was one of my fave characters, the tough female deputy, and the lead character had some promise. What I didn't like--the annoying teen daughter, the lack of real snap. The show needs a bit more visual and dialogue snap. It might come. Some pilots are a bit slower to do set-up.

Let's put it this way. Psyche's first show cracked me up and knocked my socks off. Eureka made me think, "Okay, maybe."


Sharon Hinck said...

Hi, Mir!
Thanks so much for linking!
I'm deep into the developmental/substantive rewrites for my fantasy novel that comes out in June, and my brain wants to explode. But then I remember how much we all want MORE MORE MORE of these kinds of story--so I dig in and work some more. And Nav is doing a great thing taking a chance on something that they know could be tough to market (I've learned it's not just about READERS...they have to sell the book to the booksellers. If the booksellers don't order it, the readers never have a chance to find it.). Please keep praying!
Hugs, Sharon