Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Mirathon Miscellany

If you want to speculate on which two of the Harry Potter characters will be killed off by Rowling in the eagerly awaited (by me!) finale, drop by LaShawn Barber's Fantasy Fiction for Christians.

I can imagine the author of the ReaderCon 17 report here frantically scribbling notes.

It's a charming entry--charming for its human element: the imperfection in jotting quotes, the apologies for missed words, the embarassment at not understanding some terms. As you can guess, some Christian-bashing went on in the "War of the Worldviews" discussion. What's interesting is that what they consider "our" sci-fi is symbolized by LEFT BEHIND.

Is your sex life disordered in some way, or maybe just not fully in line with what you sense is the God-blessed pattern?

Yeah, you heard me. I said the "s" word. Chances are that someone dropping by my wee blog has "issues" in that private arena. If that's vous, why not watch some of these videos right now online:

John Piper on "Sex and the Supremacy of Christ"

Ben Patterson on "the Goodness of Sex and the Glory of God"

C.J. Mahaney on "Sex, romance, and the Glory of God: What Every Christian Husband Needs to Know."

David Powlison on "Making All Things New: Restoring Pure Joy to the Sexually Broken"

Head over to Apologia Christi for the links.

Souxsiepoet has some lovely quotes from a conversation she had with a priest. One quote that caught my imagination (and heart) was of an out-of-the-ordinary "stations of the cross"." The italics is the priest's quote and the regular type is souxsie's. (I clarify for those not used to souxsie's "ee cummings" style of writing. Me, I find it slightly annoying in prose):

we live in a rough area. we have motels that charge by five minutes. so when we did the stations this year, we made each station, one place of great concern to the church. we couldn't pray at the motel though, because we couldn't afford the rate.

this takin' it to the streets attitude is what the church is supposed to be about. and actually making the stations places of ill repute, is just brilliant. such a lovely idea. that is the church being light in the world. not just trying to see who's light shines brighter than the other lights.

Camy Tang, the Story Sensei, is having her "Fabulous Summer Sale."

If you have a synopsis, and can't figure out why you think it stinks; or you aren't sure if you have a good story structure; or your manuscript needs looking over by a sharp eye, well, then you'll want to hit that link and check out her sale:

From now until July 15th, I will be holding a fabulous contest for my Story Sensei critique service.

I will draw the names of TWO lucky winners! They will each receive:

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Elliot said...

'our' sci-fi is Left Behind??

Ok, I'm not even going near that site... it'll just make me angry for no purpose.

Mirtika said...

That's how I felt, Elliot. They completely don't even "get" it. But that is a perception from the secular crowd, and that's a problem.


Anonymous said...

Funny about Left Behind. I did a quasi-review of it yesterday, and also of this blog. You might be interested.

Review of Left Behind and Mir's Blog

Hope you don't mind.


Apologia_Christi said...

Thank you for the link, Mir. Did you get a chance to look at the completely new web-layout of the Apologia Christi blog? Check it out!

Also readers, if you scroll down a little further than the videos on "Sex and the Supremacy of Christ" you will find two seperate posts on video's of both Josh Harris and Al Mohler given at the New Attitude Conference earlier this year! Those are great resources!

Elliot said...

Yeah, I guess it is a common view. See, I wish that when people thought 'Christians in sci-fi?' they would say "Connie Willis! Gene Wolfe! Elizabeth Moon! Tim Powers! A Canticle for Leibowitz!" and so forth.

Good review, Chris. Trust me - there's a very large percentage of Christians who feel the same way about 'Left Behind' as you. [blech]

Stuart said...

Very interesting, proposing Left Behind as sci-fi. (And I never made it all the way through that movie either. Wanted to take it out and smash the disk, but i had borrowed it from someone else so I refrained.)

Interesting to hear christians referenced to as "the other side".

Mirtika said...

Well, LEFT BEHIND is speculative fiction. As in, "A what if." But the authors intend it as a true speculation on what is certain to happen. It's main purpose is evangelistic, not extrapolative or artistic.

I just couldn't get past halfway through the first book. :-/

Chris, thanks for the plug. I do not mind, even if I'm very much attached to organized religion and a tad jingoist. ; )


Camy Tang said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Mirster!

Mirtika said...

You are welcome, CamyWhammyDingyWingy.

Okay, that one was extra ridiculous. :)