Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A Miracle Healing In Our Church

I won't name names--and I deleted any full names in the following account--cause this was one of those "pass this around" emails from my church. The gal healed is the one I usually sit nearby when Recluse Mir goes now and then to Clash Church. Hubby serves on the worship team there, since we moved away from our wee Southern Baptist church of many years.

Anyway, this is not a fable. This is a professional, Christian woman who was, indeed, in a bad vehicular accident recently and left in a condition of chronic pain and immobility. The church had been praying for her since her injury occurred.

Anyway, may her words give hope to others (like me) in a situation of illness:
I've been contemplating how to spread the word about my healing, because I know it will bring hope and encouragement to others in need of God's healing power. I've been ranting and raving to everyone who makes the mistake of asking how I'm doing, and I figured I needed to let those who've prayed with and for me to know that God hears and answers prayers. So, please help me tell my story.

As I mentioned when we last spoke, I experienced a miraculous healing last Monday morning (July 17th), and every bulging/herniated disc in my spinal column, every headache, numbness in my arm, twitching of my eyes, and neck/shoulder pain is gone! -- Praise be to Almighty God!

I experienced tremendous pain the weekend prior to my healing, and my last doctor's visit that Friday wasn't very encouraging. The doctor said he would have to come up with another treatment plan, because it appeared I had some neurological damage -- Naturally, I freaked out. I had immediate thoughts of somehow ending up in a wheelchair or crippled. So, I came home loaded up on Percocet with an extra Vicodin for good measure and started crying.

The pain was so bad I called my sister in Canada and my mom in Jamaica, and had them pray with me on the phone. The pain in my neck and head was so intense, I blinked uncontrollably and could neither turn my neck nor look down. The entire weekend was like that -- HELL!

On Monday the 17th, I got up and took Cory to camp...I wanted to spend the day praying and being close to God. I showered and popped in a CD (entitled Healing Scriptures) that Valerie had given me. The Narrator quoted what seemed like every scripture in the Bible on healing, and asked the listener to repeat a prayer and claim God's healing. It ended with some Praise and Worship songs.

After approximately 10 minutes, I felt something likened to an electrical jolt hit my right shoulder. It was just enough to get my attention. WITHIN SECONDS EVERY PAIN DISAPPEARED FROM MY BODY AND HAS NOT RETURNED!

I went from popping narcotic pain-killers and a muscle relaxer 4 times a day to not even needing an aspirin. My body feels like it did when I was a youngster and ran the 100m and 200m....my bum knee that was injured when I ran track is completely pain-free....my headache is outta here....the numbness in my right arm is history...I can turn my head in every direction painlessly...I AM HEALED!

I have told so many people, I think they may start avoiding me. But, I have a reason to give thanks to God and give him ALL the glory! I want folks to know medicine failed and the God of Israel hit a home-run in my life.

Please shoot this email out to anyone who may need a reminder that God is the Great Physician, and is still in the miracle-working business.


Anonymous said...

My biggest problem with this kind of thing is all milions of good people whose suffering "god" has not seen fit to alleviate.


Mirtika said...

Chris, but you're not God and you don't get to decide. :)

That's what I've had to learn after years of praying and not being healed. Why not? Why does God heal some and not all.

I can only conclude: Cause it's His universe and He knows all the ramification. ALL of them. he knows ALL possible outcomes from all actions. And perhaps whatever I need to learn I've had to learn this way.

Do I know. No. But I have to accept God as He is, not in the image of what I would create Him to be. It's not easy, but truth never is.

It suffices that I can rejoice when someone else's healing comes. And it helps to know that suffering is for a season. Eternity will be bliss for me, even if the temporal has bumps and bruises.


Anonymous said...

...He knows all the ramification. ALL of them. he knows ALL possible outcomes from all actions.

In that case, I'm glad I'm not god. I like mystery and uncertainty. I like challenge. I'd be bored stupid in his shoes. No wonder he's so meddlesom.

Or are you just saying, don't play checkers with him?

Mirtika said...

Oh, play checkers with Him, but enjoy the game, not the win, cause you won't. :)

I wish He were more meddlesome. I think.