Saturday, July 01, 2006

In Memoriam: Duncan Reid McNear and all Babies Gone Too Soon

"In Remembrance of a Brief Visitation"
by Mirta Ana Schultz

for Shannon
and for
Duncan Reid McNear
July 2, 1999-July 13, 1999

One barely gets a chance
to say hello, to memorize
the scent of skin or breath,
the sound of soft contentment,
before the bad news comes.

The long-awaited visitor
is gone, and gone with him
is hair like dandelion fluff
and eyes heavy with stories
no one will ever get to read.

~ ~ ~

1 comment:

Shannon said...

Awww, Mir ... thank you so much! That's just beautiful.

But just think ... those eyes are beholding the glory of the Ancient of Days ... undimmed by sorrow, tears, or sin ...