Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Holy Space Ghost, She Cried.

If you are a bit on the hypersensitive side, don't read this.

If you have a broader tolerance for religious humor, and especially if you are a fan of Space Ghost: Coast to Coast--oh, come on, Brak and Spacey are a hoot!--please proceed:

John C. Wright, writer and new Christian, knocked my socks off with his comments on his conversion. (Thank you , Elliot, for tipping me off to that.)

If you haven't read his testimony, you are in for a treat. No, really, your Christian footwear will be propelled across the room. Go here and read his two long responses in the comments section of a site reviewing one of his novels. If you don't feel moved, intellectually or emotionally, by his eloquent defense of his conversion, then, well, who are you? Where did you come from? Are you a pod dude or a Borg or what? Let me take your pulse.

So, I browse under his name to find his blog (assuming he has one, natch) and came across this post from earlier in the month, the topic being Pentecost, or Whitsunday, the holiday that memorializes the founding of the Christian Church. John has a tongue-in-cheek suggestion for making it a better known holiday:

Now if only there was a famous cartoon character, like Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny, to market this holiday, or if Charles Dickens had written a book about it, then it would be well known. My suggestion is SPACE GHOST. He could be seen descending in his Phantom Cruiser to give gifts to good little boys and girls, defeating Brak and Zorak the space-criminals, and using his Power Rays to energize the Seven Gifts of the Spirit: Fear of the Lord, Knowledge, Understanding, Piety, Fortitude, Counsel, and Wisdom. Blip the space monkey could appear in the form of a dove, with a double-forked flame glowing on his head. After the solemn festivities, and granting the gift of tongues to the Galactic Patrol, the Space Ghost returns to his Ghost Planet in the Omicron Sector. Jan and Jace go to Rome and get crucified and beheaded.

Maybe Scooby and the Gang could go to investigate a report of strange happenings in an upper room of a very old building, and find that it's actually tongues of fire and a rushing wind and a bunch of very happy, spirit-filled folks making a glossolalial ruckus.

Could work. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze, how do they look in flame orange? Are they available?


Mary said...

I'm intrigued, definitely not pulseless!
I really stopped by here to let you know that I plugged your site in my Thursday Thirteen meme! Come see what I said about ya! ;O)

Mirtika said...

Mary, you plugged my Trouble Spot Tip-Offs. Cool. I've gotten more emails thanking me for that than any other post of mine, so I know it's been helpful. Hurrah.


Carol Collett said...

Mir-thanks for the point to Wright's conversion story. Be careful what you pray for-HAH!Wonderful story.
Like the ideas for Space Ghost too.

Shannon said...

Hilarious ... and scarily just like our culture ... ;-)

Elliot said...