Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Help Author Chris Well Have
A REALLY Happy Birthday!

Here's all you gotta do to make Chris' August 9th Birthday very special:

1. Go to on August 9th
(Bonus Hours: 6PM Aug 8th through Noon Aug 10th)

2, Buy the zany redemptive thriller DELIVER US FROM EVELYN.(A book which I, the Mir, recommended on this blog and on amazon.)

3 Email the amazon confirmation code to

Then you will get some presents from Chris, his way of celebrating in 2006.

Visit Studio Well to find out what you get for what you bought.

Hey, it's a really fun read and worth the price. I kid you not.


The Curmudgeon's Rant said...

I also posted a review at Amazon on Monday, but it was not as awesome as yours was.

Go Chris! #1 at Amazon – Aug. 9th baby!

Mirtika said...

That's right, snooky. Mine's AWESOMER!!!

Do we sound thirteen, or what? :)

That can actually be a good thing at times.