Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Gripe O' The Week: The Non-Call

Okay, so there has been much repairing and stuff around Chez Mirathon. First the painters (who disappointed me with the lack of professional finish), and second the gutter guys.

All along, I've had to be the active one. Even after down payments, I have to call them and keep asking, "Um, when you gonna start?" I specifically chose the painter cause he had a professional manner, good references, and a good BBB file. He cost way more than the other estimates, but I figured I'd GET more. I still had to stay on top of everything and call constantly.

That's part of the non-call gripe. Here's the currently relevant part:

I specifically and repeatedly explain to the painter and gutter guy to call BEFORE THEY SHOW UP, as I cannot guarantee I'll be home 24/7.

Do they call before they show up? One guess.

No, they don't. They just show up.

Example: Painting the Doors

For the doors to be painted, they have to stay open to dry, right? Well, this is a four apartment building, meaning that I need to be awake to 1. get the keys for the upstairs apartments and 2. be vigilant, cause doors are open and theft can be an issue. (This is Miami. Theft is always an issue.)

Do they call. No. I have to rush out of bed, have hubby (who was on his way to work) open the doors and stay around until I'm washed and dressed and shod.


Gutter Guys: I have been talking to them for weeks. Gave a down payment last month (half down). Was told to call when paint job started. Did. Then was told to call when paint job ended. Did that yesterday. He said, sometime in the coming week. And I again said, "Please call. I normally sleep days and am up nights, and a surprise at 8 am at my door, I don't need. Let me know which day you're coming and I'll be ready."

Eight-fifeen this morning, the banging of ladders outside my bedroom wakes me up.

I say to hubby (who's showering), what's that noise? He says, not sure. Is it the painters back?

No, it's the gutter guys. No call. No warning. Just bang.

I know for a fact they all have cell phones. How hard can it be?

Ah, well. I might as well accept that professionalism and courtesy is dead in the business sector down here.

I'll just have to hope the new gutters work well. August-September is mighty rainy and hurricaney down here.


Sheryl said...

I agree with you completely. Having work done on your home in South Florida is pretty much a nightmare. We've gone through similar situations having our roof replaced and getting our hurricane shutters installed.

Does anyone honor their word anymore? If you tell me you are going to be at my house at 8am on Friday morning, be there! If you know it is really going to be two weeks from Monday (not 8am Friday morning) when you can actually get to my house, then tell me that up front! That will save me calling you repeatedly to try and find out when you are really going to show up, and will save you the hassle of having to hear me on the phone every day.

I have to believe their time will come. Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord :-)


Mirtika said...

Yeah, I'd rather have the polite and sincere, no.

Now I have to call the gutter guy, cause his workers left tons of huge, rusty nails all over the walkway and grass. My nephew found one on the staircase. Tetanus epidemic looms!

And they left a phone line dangling, instead of reattaching it.

Oh, man.


Carol Collett said...

I think professionalism in the trades has gone to H-E-double hockey sticks all over. No better here in Nashville, TN.