Wednesday, July 19, 2006


One of the persons topping my list of "folks I'd love to see full-out filled with the Holy Spirit and writing for Jesus" is Joss Whedon.

Gosh, I love dat man. He makes me laugh. He gives me thrills. He has a great grasp of human motivation and needs. He's just a terrific writer.

And I'm still upset---STILL!--that FIREFLY got cancelled.

Excuse me while I get some tissues and wail at the sky.

Sniff. I'm okay now.

If you were deep into FIREFLY or really adored SERENTIY, you may be interested in this:


The story of the rise and fall and rebirth of the cult TV show "Firefly,"
as told from the perspective of the fans who helped save it.

The creators of "Done the Impossible" are passionate about charity and using Firefly as a vehicle to effect positive change. As such, a percentage of the DVD proceeds will be donated to Joss Whedon's favorite charity, Equality Now.

I snipped out some bits of the DVD info. Head to the site for the complete story.

On a personal note: While I have big, big, big issus with the pro-abortion aspects of some of their work (ie, EQUALITY NOW), I am very much for the other stuff they do. So, I choose to believe my smidgen-of-proceeds goes to the non-fetus-killing variety of charitable work.

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Deanna said...

My husband works for Fox, so imagine our disappointment when they cancelled a show we finally liked. His influence as chief engineer wasn't quite sufficient to bring back Whedon's program.

Great writing. I so agree. Impeccable dialogue. Buffy was pretty good, too.

And Serenity lived up to previous greatnesses. Mr. W. asks good questions, and I, too, would love to see him finding real answers one day.

Thanks for the DVD-ROM info. Now I know what to get my brother for Christmas.

(I thought I left a similar comment here earlier today, so if this is a repeat, freely delete.)