Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Christian SF & Fantasy Blog Tour

Christian Fandom doesn' only offer book reviews,bibliographies, interviews, and a mailing list.

It also offers a list of upcoming events for, um, Christian Fandom, ie Christians who enjoy genre fiction. Here's the current list:

C.S. Lewis Summer Institute
July 7th-16th, 2006: Berkshire Mountains, MA
The C.S. Lewis Foundation offers a ten day conference on the theme of "Love Among the Ruins: On the Renewal of Character and Culture." (site details)

L.A. Con IV
August 23rd-27th, 2006: Anaheim, CA
2006 World Science Fiction Convention. Christian Fandom usually has a meeting at worldcons. (site details)

September 1st-4th, 2006: Atlanta, GA
Huge annual science fiction, fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, art, music, and film convention. Fans For Christ is planning to have a fan table and possibly a room party. (site details)

October 6th-8th, 2006: Richmond, BC
Vancouver's annual science fiction, fantasy, and gaming convention. Kathy Tyers has been invited as one of the pro guests, there will be a joint Christian Fandom/Fans For Christ room party and possibly a fan table. (site details)


Nippon 2007
August 30th-September 3rd, 2007: Yokohama, Japan
2007 World Science Fiction Convention. (site details)

Right below that, you'll find links to convention listings on the web, such as the Locus Conventions List.

I have never been so fortunate as to attend a real, sprawling SF convention. I've been to various comic book conventions that came to town. I met Alan Dean Foster and got a gift from him way back in 1980. I met a serious boyfriend at one, and though he turned out to be a jerk--and I was a romance-addled idiot back then, so I take my share of the blame--I got to see a lot of nice original comic art courtesy of his business association with many top artists. I got corraled into the Hollywood Sportatorium to hear Gene Roddenberry talk and show The Menagerie. I headed downtown in the early 80's to meet George Takei and Nichelle Nichols, who were doing a promotion/signing thing.

I always dreamed of going to a World Con. It seemed the epitome of SF fervor. I used to weep reading the reports of the late seventies and early 80's conventions, tears of regret and quite a bit of jealousy. But, alas, I never did get the chance. When I was healthy enough to travel, I was flat broke. When I was semi-flush with cash, I was too sickly to go.

How unfair, eh?

Many of the authors I longed to meet are dead now--Sturgeon, Asimov, Herbert, Davidson. Now, I'm an oldish sorta-fogey who wouldn't dare rush up to a beloved author with the ebullience of youth, panting and eager to ask questions and hear answers and get autographs and, basically, slobber happily. I value my privacy so much now, that it strikes me as rude to gang up on someone, even at a convention where crowding around is the norm, perhaps. I don't think I'd be a fun time gal at a World Con these days.

No, I should have found a way to go when I was 18 or 22.

But maybe a Christian World Con. :) A gal can dream.

If you are young and poorish, take this as a cautionary tale: Find a way to get to these events and be ebullient and mildly rude and totally delighted. Even if you have to cut back on eating and book-buying for six months to do so. Don't lose out. The future may not make it easier for you. Go now.

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Join the discussion of Christian Fantasy, Christian Science Fiction, or just Speculative Fiction from a Christian Perspective!


Kameron said...

If I had known about their con presence, I might have tried to organize an event at GenCon. Then again, this being my first time attending, and I've already got a fairly busy schedule between signings and events, I may not have. :(

Mirtika said...

Hey, I hope you give a detailed report of GenCon at your blog!

BTW, did you get wizards to fix that link?

Becky said...

That Anaheim convention is right in my greater LA neighborhood.

I've never been to a SF con, never wanted to go. It all sort of mistifies me. What is the point? Where the thrill?

Just curious.