Monday, July 24, 2006

Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy
July 2006 Blog Tour:

Get ready to visit one of Madame Mirathon's fave genre resource sites:
Christian Fandom.

If you're a believer and you love genre fiction, you're sure to discover a section that'll turn you into a happy-camping fool in Genre National Park. (Sorry, mystery and romance fans. Not y'all. But if you're a big mystery buff or romanceophile, get in contact with CF. I think they'd be happy to have a section if dependable volunteers step up.)

You'll know if you're in the right starting point by the color: The fantasy section's got a pale green background, and this blurb:

"Fantasy is quite a broad field, and we strive to include works in all the subgenres which fit within it, from the "high fantasy" of J.R.R. Tolkien and his numerous imitators, to fairy tales, to "urban fantasy" (stories set in contemporary settings, but which contain fantastic elements.) We also include some stories, such as C.S. Lewis' The Screwtape Letters, which portray characters, such as angels or demons, which are part of orthodox Christian belief, not because we consider angels or demons to be imaginary or mythical beings, but because the stories themselves are imaginative tales which include details which no human can know in this life."

Cool light and dark blues mark the science fiction area:

"We use a fairly broad definition for "science fiction" including "alternate history" stories, near-future thrillers (set "the day after tomorrow"), "sociological" SF (which extrapolates present trends, not necessarily in an attempt to predict the future, but to warn what might happen "if this goes on"), plus the more familiar settings of space travel, time travel, space opera, and a couple of subgenres which seem to be unique to Christian writing: the "End Times" thriller, and time travel stories putting modern observers into Biblical settings."

They also have Christian horror, for those of you who enjoy a good, godly scare, and a giddy-yap corral for lovers of westerns.

You'll want to set aside time for the excellent reviews and interviews. I'm especially fond of the interviews. Writers who want to be published in CBA SF need to read the one with Steve Laube, who, btw, is now an agent, though he once was a very SF-friendly editor. I've yet to read a dud interview there, although--fess up time--I haven't read them all. Yet.

They have cool lists based on whether you're interested in film, stories, books, etc. You gotta give them props for starting the bibliography of books with The Divine Comedy by Dante.

Another resource you chattier fans of CSF might be interested in is their mailing list/listserv. (You gotta sign up, natch.) It's not hugely active, except for sporadic bumps in activity when a cool topic hits a collective nerve, so your inbox won't be deluged. But they have some smart cookies. Trust me. I have an I.Q. of 137, and I feel intimidated by the smarties on there. Good thing they're nice guys and gals and very, very helpful. You'll learn a lot by just lurking and reading the back-and-forthing during a hot topic.

Rush over to Christian Fandom today. Begin browsing. Oh, how much fun you're gonna have!

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Becky said...

Good overview, Mir.

I like the color coding observation! The interviews are my favorite, and I agree about the Steve Laube one for sure. In fact, I think I need to read it again.


Rebecca said...

Oh, and the horror section is Black.

And here I would have made it Red.

But then it might be like Mir's blog.

And that would truly be a horror.

(Read my comment on Shannon's blog and you will understand what is wrong with me today.)