Monday, July 17, 2006

Chip MacGregor at Novel Journey:
A snapping interview!

The gals at Novel Journey are doing such a fab job of providing insights into the Christian publishing world, what with all those interviews with authors and editors and agents and, well, anyone who is anyone.

Today starts a multi-part interview with Chip MacGregor, Associate Publisher at Hachette Book Group (think Warner Faith and Center Street). It is rivetting. Chip is not lacking in testosterone.

Now, I'm all antsy to read parts two and three.

Gina, you tease!

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Deanna said...

Chip is cool. Years ago when he was with Harvest House, he let me come to his office and pitch a novel idea. I was green and only had the idea and a few written pages, but he was respectful while being direct ("I wouldn't go for this, though someone else might"). I appreciated his honest conversation about CBA publishing. He's a teacher worth listening to.