Friday, July 21, 2006


As you can see, the talented Heather Diane Tipton, writer and blog designer, has given me a makeover.

I told you a Red New World was coming. :)

There are a few tweaks in store, so this is where I ask for your help:

Is this readable. Are you having trouble seeing/reading this text, the links, etc?

Comment on any aspect of this layout.

Feel free to praise the gorgeous art by Slawek Wojtowicz. The painting of his used for the banner is called "Silent Cry." I love it madly. It has the sci-fi and the fantasy feel. Are you reminded of di Chirico in those haunted arches? Does that red make you think of Remedios Varo? Is that galactic sky not cooler than cool?

Revel in the red reality, baby!

But let me know what ya think, eh?


Rebecca said...

I love everything. Here's a suggestion for your designer: Take the parchment into photoshop, lay a screen over it (i.e., select the section you want screened - where the text will go - and fade it/adjust transparency/whatever you need to do to fade it out some), and voila, you have cool parchment without eye-googlyness.

Rebecca said...

More readable now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Rebecca.

I'm just grooving on my blog. BEEEEEEEYOOOOOOOOOOOOOTIFUL.

Vicki said...

Hey Mir! I l-o-v-e this! No problem reading it, either. Red is one of my fav colors. Very sci-fi feeling.

Thumbs up!

Anonymous said...

"Red" was my nickname in junior high cause I wore the color a lot, including my red Converse sneakers. :D A group I have looped with online for 10 years calls me the "Red Hibiscus."

I still paint my toenails red every week.

And to think , I originally was gonna go for cool blues and greens.

Nah, this be better.

Thanks for dropping by, Vicki.


Becky said...

It's very dramatic. But I have trouble reading it. The black lines intersect the black type. Well, actually block out letters or portions of letters.

I'm using Internet Explorer.

Also, I read your blog from bloglines, so generally the backgrounds are a non-factor.


Rebecca said...

"Red" was my nickname too - how funny! Because of the hair.

Anonymous said...

Huh, and right now I switched to internet explorer and can see everything no problemo.

Rebecca G.

Mirtika said...

My husband said, "DON'T USE AOL BROWSER," but I'm a dodo and still use AOL browser.

I checked it on internet explorer and mozilla and aol, and the areas with more brown stuff is a bit harder to read, but I think it's pretty legible for folks without visual issues. I hope.


The Curmudgeon's Rant said...

I love the new look. And to think that I was posting my changes at nearly the same time you were posting yours... Great minds think alike!

Keesa said...

Woof! That is red!!

Red has always seemed a very angry color to me...we aren't friends. That said, the blog doesn't look bad, it's readable, and I adore the parchement-stuff.

Whew, that's red!

Kameron said...

Not a big fan of the font change when you mouseover the links. The way it bumps the following text gives it an amatuerish feel. Other than that, I think it looks very . . . red. ;) A nice change.

Mirtika said...

I'm Cuban. I'm passionate. And yeah, I get angry, too. Moreover, we toasty colored folks look rocking good in red. :)

I own three dozen plus kinds of red lipsticks and lip gloses, and I once owned six pairs of red shoes at the same time--leather and suede, flats and heeled pumps, canvas sneaks-- back when I actually dressed up for work like normal folks. On my honeymoon, hubby bought me an ankle-length red Native American skirt when we stopped at a tribal store. Oh, that was my fave skirt for years, til I got too fat to wear it.

Mir aka Red Hibiscus

Mirtika said...

Thanks for commenting, Kameron. I didn't even notice the text bump. It's gonna stay, though. I ain't changing another thing right now.


Mary said...

It is cooler than cool! I love red anything...and as soon as I get my "home" blog figured out, I'm linking to you!! Love your style, Mir, as always!
Thanks for the input at ACFW!

Camy Tang said...

THIS IS SO AWESOME!! I love the background design of the tiles, it's fabulous. And the picture is perfect! The parchment feel of the post is perfect contrast to the tiles.

The Times New Roman font is okay, but you might want to think about a sans-serif font like Ariel or Helvetica. It won't have that same font feel, but on a computer screen, a sans-serif font is easier to read than TNR.


Dee said...

If you notice my blogs, I'm a simple fanatic, but I love this blog banner it is so perfect for your writing. Perfect. I of course would like the rest of the blog to be easier to read. Keep the red background, but make the text areas as light as you can get it. It has a gothic feel to it, which I like, but my eyes. :)

Thanks for stopping by gospelfiction dot com

Missy T said...

Hey, Mir. I love the red! Love the artwork and feel, too. My aging eyes had a bit of a hard time reading, though. (I'm in Internet Explorer). Next time you're playing with it, see if doing bold text helps. Of course, I know nothing about it! That's just a layperson's suggestion. :)

Great work on the new look! Of course, the content of your blog has always been great. :)

Lorie said...

I think your designer Heather did a wonderful job blending the colors and the interesting background with the great art piece . The overall effect is quite dramatic.

Personally I have no difficulty reading things, and I am using Internet Explorer. Also, I like the mouse over trick, it makes the options more distinct so you're certain as to what you're about to click on.

CHickey said...

I think the site looks great!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Chickey and Lorie and Missy and Camy and Dee and Mary!

And if you notice, Heather fixed the funky mouseover thing, Kameron. I very much appreciate you pointing that out so that Heather noticed it.


michael snyder said...

Looks pretty great to me. Two thumbs up.

Elliot said...

Looks great! I find the parchment background makes it a little hard to follow the text, but that's my only complaint.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mike S. and Elliot. :)

Okay, so, another for hard to read. Yowza. Let me talk to Heather.


carmen said...

mir, i like it! i'm still on the other side of the fence on the redesign thing, so i'm "red" with envy :) blessings!