Thursday, June 22, 2006

Why Mir Is Grinning Like A Kook Today

A comment under the previous post by a person unknown to me prior to about an hour ago has totally made the Mir's day.

Cause, you know, the writing has been going rough in June. My muse must have taken that villa in Tuscany for a few weeks.

So, to come online and find the following is a sweet treat indeed:

I just read your "Voices from the Void" story that won the Sword Review competition. Because of how small the competition was (and low paying) and because of the "Christian" element, I assumed the story would be crap, the lesser of a handful of peurile and narrow minded evils.

So boy was I amazed to read it and find it one of the best sci-fi shorts I've ever read. Intelligent and evocative, rich in metaphor and symbol. Totally engrossing and imaginative. I loved the "hush" motif. Personally, I would have made "Hush" the title. I loved the way you use the stars as "punctuation" simile, the memorable, Kafka-esque characters.

Great piece of work. Deserves a much larger stage imo. Just wanted you to know, and to thank you.

No, Mr. Miller. I thank YOU!

If you can handle a very frank, funny, even snarky bit of blogging, visit Christopher Miller's online soapbox. Not for the faint of heart. Prepare to chuckle.

And if you haven't read "Voices From The Void"--which, yes, I would happily retitle "Hush," given the chance, as that's a much better title, and it's also, coincidentally, the title of one of my favorite Buffy The Vampire Slayer episodes--please do click on the link and try it out. Then please come back and comment here on what you thought.

Especially if it's anywhere near as nice a response as Mr. Miller's.

: : grin : :


Anonymous said...

I meant every word Mirtika. I sent a link to your "Voices in the Void" story to a friend in the UK who edits/reads for Libbon (a small literary magazine) and teaches creative writing. He is a VERY critical dude usually.

So his,

"That sci-fi story is really excellent. Thanks for sending the link."

is no small praise.

Thanks for plugging my blog here!


Deanna said...

Christopher Miller beat me to it. I'd started reading your story this week, looking for examples of good writing as I plug away, processing and learning. This morning I had time to finish reading and to beging pondering the good teaching in your artistic endeavor.

I'm not a SF/Fantasy writer, but there are those stories in "your" world that evidence meaning for this world more clearly than can realism. "Voices From The Void" is one such tale.

And "Hush" is one of my daughter's favorite Buffy episodes. I'm often slow to catch on, but I find value in the efforts of folks, like Joss Whedon, who ask important questions in fantastical ways. (Firefly became my favorite series.)

Keep up your talented efforts. Readers and writers will benefit, as will you, I'm sure.

Mirtika said...

Well, you guys sure are keeping my teeth exposed today. :)

thank you, and keep writing. Nothing would make me happier than to see an exposion in the ABA of people of faith writing excellent stuff that even people of non-faith can't help from enjoying, and maybe getting a bit of reflected gleam from God's eye in them.

I appreciate the kindnesses.


The Curmudgeon's Rant said...

I just finished reading VOICES FROM THE VOID.

Loved it!

Mirtika said...

Big MUAH to you, my curmudgeonly pal.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful story. I can relate a lot to your main character's feelings.