Saturday, June 17, 2006

What Prayer Causes and What Sin Is Like: A Poetic Perspective

Greg Beatty speculates on the power of prayer in "Prayer Causes Stars." It's a charming bit of SF poetry.

I like it.

Maybe you will, too. Find out here: Abyss & Apex

~ ~ ~

Here is an excerpt of "Thoughts, From a Sin Eater" by Pam McNew, which may be found at Fortean Bureau:

Sin is small black larvae,
squirming among the vegetables,
maybe in the mashed potatoes.
perhaps among the green beans.

It is slimy, dark and fast.

It is sightless, but still searching,
even at the end, for a host.

Both of those poems (McNew's in its entirety, natch), in companion with other excellent offerings in speculative poetry, may be found here:

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