Friday, June 02, 2006

Today's Focus: The Faboo New Novel By Chris "Nifty Writer and Blogger" Well--DELIVER US FROM EVELYN

If you haven't read FORGIVING SOLOMON LONG, you should. (Read my review on Mirathon right HERE.)

If you haven't bought DELIVER US FROM EVELYN, hey, what's keeping you? Read my review over at amazon. com and see if this delightful offering of Christian crime fiction is your cuppa tea. I had oodles of fun reading it. I did!

To whet your appetite, and because Chris "His Niftyness" Well is apparently trying to take over the e-world today, here is chapter one from DELIVER US FROM EVELYN, published by Harvest House Publishers:

NOTE: The chapter excerpt has been deleted as of 12/5/12 due to the author's request. Sorry. Go buy the book. :D

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Rebecca said...

Well, there's a way to start a book!

Hi to Mirtika from your fellow Gen-er, out of lurkdome at last.