Saturday, June 24, 2006

Pop Theology Quiz

How many sins will get you excommunicated, according to Paul?

Note: Don't google it. Don't research it in your texts. Give it your best solo shot. Answer it in comments.

Answer will be posted soon.


Chris said...

Is this the "if a brother sins, talk to him about it, take witnesses/elders, etc., and if all that doesn't work..." part?

Mirtika said...

Yup. :)


Meg said...

This came up in our home group last week when we were talking about the Ragamuffin Gospel and grace vs. accountability.

Mike Duran said...

Funny you should bring the topic of "excommunication" up Mir. For some reason, I've been bumping into the subject recently. Having pastored for 11 years, the issue was always a difficult one. I've come to the conclusion that churches either a.) Totally disregard the practice or b.) Abuse the practice. It's a subject I think the modern American church would do well to grapple with.

Mirtika said...

I think the modern church is afraid of discipline on the one hand (lawsuits) and skeptical of it on the other (individual rights). Without it, you end up with a church that acts like the world.

Which is what we have.

Mirtika said...

Hey, no one's giving an answer. Come on!