Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A Nifty Multi-Part Blog Series on Fantasy and Faith /SF Stories I (Re-)Read Today

I won't get all long-winded today. I did enough ranting Monday.

Just wanted to direct you thither. That's just the introductory part. Do check out the meatier subsequent posts by Elliot at Claw of the Conciliator.

After that, vist Speculative Catholic with their "Catholicism in Science Fiction" post.

And, in case you are interested in what SF I read today while having lunch--these three short stories:

"Talent" by Theodore Sturgeon (really spooky, great ending)
"The Ambassadors" by Anthony Boucher (oooh, faboolicious!)
"The Haunted Space Suit" by Arthur C. Clarke (eh, not impressed)

Both are found in Fifty Short Science Fiction Tales, an anthology compiled by Asimov and Conklin.

I'd read all three before, but having a messed up thyroid means I forget what I read not too shortly after I've read it. Ergo, if i want to remember anything about a particular story or novel, I have to read it over and over and over. It was worse when I was on a statin drug. I could barely remember my name and had sticky notes all over the house to remind me about EVERYTHING.

Now, sadly, I still don't have the razor retention of my youth, but that means I get to enjoy the same stories many times. ::: wink :::

Bad health sucks. If your health is pretty good, guard it like the treasure it is.

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