Thursday, June 15, 2006

Is Superman a Methodist?

Is Superman Jewish, Methodist, or a Christ figure? Newsweek is examining the matter.

A discussion on this has popped up on the Christian Fandom mail list. And I came across the subject over at GetReligion.

So, I offer this nifty assemblage of charts and lists and links on comic book religion found at

They list Wolverine as "former atheist, has practiced Buddhism, believes in God." Ben "The Thing" Grimm is Jewish. You already know about Nightcrawler and Catholicism. But..Rogue is Southern Baptist?

When you're done with the superhero list, peruse the list of supporting (non-superhero) characters and the list of villains. Lex Luthor is, apparently, a Nietzschian atheist, and Pyro is a lapsed Catholic.

Personally, I'd love to see the whole batch of X-Men get born-again and baptized in a mega-issue, artwork by John Cassiday and story by Chris Well.

Late Afternoon Addendum:
Chris "Nifty" Well--yeah, the fella I mentioned earlier--answers Mike Duran's questions over at DeCompose. The InSites interview of the talented author of FORGIVING SOLOMON LONG and DELIVER US FROM EVELYN is here.



The Curmudgeon's Rant said...

I’m pretty sure Clark Kent was Presbyterian.

Lois Lane came from a nice Pentecostal family, but she went to the big city to sew her wild oats.

Unfortunately, she’s to Superman as was Delilah to Sampson.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

All righty then! LOL...LOL...ROFLOL!

Camy Tang said...

Yeah, I can believe Rogue was Southern Baptist. She had very strong bayou roots. She even spoke French.

Chris Well said...

I may be wrong (or thinking of a different version of X-Men than you are), but I think you are confusing Rogue with her sometime-boyfriend, Gambit ... who has very strong bayou roots and even spoke French.

(Of course, I'm thinking of the Fox cartoon from the 90s.)

Speaking of the cartoon, the "Nightcrawler" episode did challenge Rogue to think about faith, while Gambit poo-pooed it. The episode ended with Rogue finding Wolverine in a chapel reading aloud from the Psalms ...

Mirtika said...

Adherents says Gambit was raised in a Catholic Cajun household. There are two panels from a telepathic therapy sessions showing her teasing him with "Snakes? Trust a Cajun boy raised Catholic to bring up the subject of sin." He says, "What kind of sin did the Southern Baptist girl have in mind."

Those naughty Cajun boys. :)