Monday, June 19, 2006

DRAGONS AHEAD: Want To Join the June Christian SF Blog Tour?

It's easy. Just post tomorrow, or the 21st, or, yeah, even the 22nd, on the subject of the tour. Or post all three days if you like!

June's focus is on Donita K. Paul's Y/A fantasy series, the DragonKeeper Chronicles. Visit Rebecca LuElla Miller's Site for info on how to participate. Little or big, whatever voice--and links--you can add to the tour is joyfully welcome!

Tourmates so far:

Johne Cook
Valerie Comer
Beth Goddard
Mirtika Schultz (Yes, moi!)
Matt Mikalatos
Katie Hart
Sally Apokedak
Sherrie Hibbs
Rebecca LuElla Miller
Marcia Laycock
Janey DeMeo
Shannon McNear
Rebecca Grabill
Stuart Stockton
Steve Trower
Leathel Grody
Mary E. DeMuth


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