Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Dragon Week Continues: The DKA Fiction Contest Stories, Honorable Mentions

If you haven't visited DRAGONS, KNIGHTS & ANGELS recently, you may want to do so. The two stories that won "honorable mention" are up and ready to be enjoyed by you:

The Waters Stir
by Rachel A. Marks
(The author also drew an illustration for her piece, which I think is a cool thing to be able to do.)

In one swift rise of water and wind, a wave hovered high above them. It grew wings and a snout. Red eyes appeared, large and vibrant; a water sculpture in the sky. A dragon, so large the sky disappeared behind it.     

by Micheal C. Planck
(Do read the author's self-assessment of his "gifts." It's found right after the story's last line, and it's a hoot.)

A fable of adventure, involving a knight and some dangerous, well-armed metaphors. Also possibly including a dragon and an angel, love and death, and war and peace. But no taxes.

Yes, indeedy: It's Dragons Week!

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