Saturday, June 24, 2006

A Bit More On Music

If you visit my corner of MySpace --opened it a couple days ago--and click to see my profile, you'll have the chance to click on the little silver musical control doohickey icon. (What is the name for that?)

Why should you do this?

It'll give you the chance to hear "To Cover You" by The Choir. It's from 1989, their quite good WIDE-EYED WONDER cd. One of my fave The Choir tunes, that song. Fun to sing, too. A flash from The Mir's past.

And anyone who loves, really loves, someone--a child, a spouse--can sing this and mean it:

Set my guitar on fire with a long-stemmed match,
Dance while it burns and laugh when it turns to ash.
I would torch everything to keep you warm.
I would do anything to keep you from harm.

I would do anything to cover you body and soul, girl.
I would give everything in the world to cover you,
to cover you.

Walk down a dark street naked on a winter night.
Run from the law like the Sunday I saw the light.
To defend your spirit I would go to war,
I would chase the devil to Jehovah's door.

I would do anything to cover you body and soul, girl.
I would give everything in the world to cover you.
I would do anything to wrap you up tight on a cold night.
I would give everything that I have to cover you,
to cover you.

Click the Doohickey. Sing along. Dance if the Spirit moves you.

~ ~ ~

Am so torn about the whole Mute Math situation. I mean, they are so talented. I am coveting their new cd, with that kicking tune "Chaos." It's got other super songs.

But man, that lawsuit thing is really bugging me. Feels like they're slapping ME in the face, me, a member of the CCM audience, a purchaser of Word products, the "Christian audience" they want to distance themselves from in pursuit of mainstream music chart happiness.

I dunno. Maybe, I'm not being fair. Maybe.

Mute Math gets muted by the Mir. For now.

(They'll still sell millions, so I'm sure my little snit won't mean a thing to them, while they have their big snit.)

Yeah, I got a temper.


The Curmudgeon's Rant said...

I believe "doohickey" is the correct technical term for that particular control.

Mirtika said...

Oh, whew, good. My technical vocabulary is still dead on.


Anonymous said...

I love the Chior - that is one of my fav songs 2

The net is a fake of course and u do nto know wut is on the keyboard 4 reel Still 4 wut it is worth which means nothang as we never met

I think fondly of u if that poesy is 1 u favor 2

Take Care,

And I do mean it when I sing it in my head when I see the small ones I teach... THough anon on de net this means not a fluff