Monday, June 26, 2006

Becky Miller's Hosting Jeff Gerke This Week--Hurry On Over There!

Every one out there who wants to read more and better Christian speculative fiction, listen up: You NEED TO PRAY for and SUPPORT the work Mr. Jeff Gerke does as editor at NavPress.

Bossy, ain't I?

Well, yeah, but this is for a good cause.

My online pal, Becky Miller, is hosting Mr. Gerke this week at her wonderful, smart, fun, intelligent, discussion-filled blog, A Christian Worldview Of Fiction.

Please drop by and leave a comment or question for Mr. Gerke.

And pray we get more editors with his appreciation for SF/F in the other CBA houses.

Note: Sharon Hinck signed a three-book contract with Jeff for a Mom-Lit/Fantasy. If you like Mom Lit, support this series when it comes out next year, and pray for it NOW as NavPress figures out how to market and promote it. Pray that all goes swimmingly.

Sharon--by everything I've heard, not knowing her personally--is a terrific God-loving gal with a sense of humor. Her book may be the one that brings scads of women readers to support Christian speculative fiction. That, my dears, is a good thing. (As long as the editors out there don't start doing the bandwagon, "Oh, we just want more mom-lit fantasies, which would make the Mir groan.)

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