Saturday, June 17, 2006

Almost the Real Thing: Coke Zero

For ages, I've grumbled about Diet Coke. You see, I grew up drinking real Coke, and I loved it. Diet Coke never tasted like real Coke, but sugarless. It tasted like some other cola product, but sugarless.

Coke Zero is the Coke-Classic-But-Without-Sugar that they ought to have produced AGES AGO!!! Why? Cause Diet Coke sucks. I don't care if you're hooked on it and love it. It is NOT LIKE COKE, the "real thing," the one in the red can with CLASSIC on it. Diet Coke is some watery, sorta-cola-ey, freaky doppelganger of a Coke. It's Coke to make you suffer at the memories of real Classic Coke. It's a freakish ersatz Coke.

Diet Coke. Blech.

Coke Zero, on the other hand, really has that particular tongue-mouth experience that Classic Coke used to give me. Not exactly, of course, because sugar is sugar, and no substitute is the same. But man, Coke Zero comes close enough that I can drink cola again.

And all those idiots out there ranting about how Coke Zero is a hoax or somesuch. Please. Go out and blindfold folks who only drink real Coke (not the Diet Coke crap), and let them sip some Diet Coke, then let them sip some Coke Zero. Let real Coke drinkers tell you which comes closer.

I already know. Because of Coke Zero, I'm buying diet cola again.

Aaaahhhhhhhh. Mmmmmmmmmmm.


Rebecca said...

HAHA! Coke should pay you for plugging their product. A science class I took in a different life (i.e., high school) put a tooth in a bottle of cola. By the end of the semester, the tooth was gone. Dissolved.

That doesn't keep me from drinking it, however. But I've grown to like the chemical-cocktail flavor of diet.

Mirtika said...

Yeah. All sodas are bad for your teeth. Of course, what the teacher didn't do was add constant wipes from a tongue and salivary fluids and brushing and rinsing and flossing into that bottle. Just coke and a tooth. That's nothing like a mouth.

I wonder if she'd put a tooth and orange juice or marinara sauce in a bottle what would happen? :)


Bernita said...

Thank you for your prayer on Bonnie's blog.
I agree with you entirely about diet Coke. Yeuuuch.
Love the real thing.
Hope I can find Coke Zero.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Yea...they've found another chemical emmolient to smooth out the taste...ahhh...isn't science wonderful..LOL

Missy T said...

I'm a Diet Coke addict, therefore Coke Zero tastes too much like real Coke for me. LOL I've gotten so used to the Diet taste that I don't like the real taste much anymore.

I do have to add, though, that I really like Diet Coke with Splenda! I've been driking it since I have this sense that Splenda is safer than Equal. (A false sense, maybe??) :)


Camy Tang said...

I love Diet Coke. Does that mean you won't be my friend anymore? I forgive you for not thinking Diet Coke is the most wonderful thing on the planet.

Regular Coke is too sweet for my taste. Then again, I've also been known to turn down a See's truffle as being too sweet, so maybe I'm just a weirdo.


Mirtika said...

I love you despite your Diet Coke handicaps, Missy and Camy. What's a poor cola choice between pals? :D

ducking and running ----->


Rebecca said...

I'm with you on disdain of too-sweet-sweets. Only when I'm pregnant can I enjoy even pancakes.

For the dismay of health-fans: my dentist claims OJ is worse for your teeth than soda.

Mirtika said...

Yeah, and lemon juice or sucking lemons. Bad for teeth.

But OJ is so much better for one than any kind of soda.