Sunday, May 28, 2006

Thank You, My Dears, For Your Patience* Update on Book Giveaways * Bad Agents and Good Parody!

I have not forgotten all of you lovelies who entered the book giveaways. I simply have been healing and sleeping, and sleeping, and sleeping some more. Apparently, my body is demanding to make up for lost snoozing. I hope it doesn't want its lost pounds back. I'd like to see those stay away.

As of Saturday, I'm still sick--coughing and oozing mucousy grossnesses. But I'm not feverish, I'm eating fine, and I'm coherent. I've even written some poetry. I can't sit up at the computer with enough focus and non-wobbliness to write long passages of prose, but poetry I can do with a notebook and a fave pen while on the couch. Plus it keeps my brain warm for the--ahem--brilliant prose to come.

I plan to pick a winner on Tuesday. Hear that: THIS TUESDAY.

If you haven't entered and wish to do so, hurry. I'll take names until Tuesday 2pm. On Tuesday night (or Wednesday AM if I zonk out), I'll announce the winner. So, check here for announcement, 'cause if you are the winner, I'll need you to email me with your name and snail mail address .

Use this email, you who win: Mirathon at aol dot com

I would pick the winner today, but Mike Duran of DeCOMPOSE is posting an interview with me at his super-duper smart website-- and by smart I mean in both design and content. I believe he plans to have the interview up on Monday, the 29th, and I'd like to give anyone who reads it a chance to enter. One day is enough, I figure.

Do check Mike's blog for that lengthy interview if you care to know me better. He asks tough questions, too!

~ ~ ~

To add my wee voice to a particular web movement of the moment, I offer this link:

Barbara Bauer

Why did I put that link there?
Go here to find out. If you notice Absolute Write, that terrific website for writers, is missing, you may want to ask
Barbara Bauer how come. Or you can go here and read up on how Barbara Bauer might have had something to do with it.

I visited Barbara Bauer , Ph.D.'s website, and the picture she offers of herself is from 1979. Hmmmm. Also, I checked a few of the books she lists as having helped sell, and the two I checked were a decade or more old. I would be happy to suggest Barbara Bauer post the covers of books she's sold in the last, say, 2 years.

If you regularly read the snarkelicious Miss Snark, you already know about Barbara Bauer.

Even that yumyum writer, Neil Gaiman--oh, I have SUCH a crush on him--has posted on Barbara Bauer and the hoopla that has resulted from, allegedly, a phone call by said Barbara Bauer.

And if you're in a mood for a laugh, check out the musically-enhanced parody inspired by the unique agenting talent of Barbara Bauer. It's got Miss Snark and Killer Yapp in starring roles, too. Hugh Jackman--MmMMMmmmMMMmmmm!--shines in a cameo role.

Just helping the cause of truth, free speech, and the American writerly way.

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