Saturday, May 20, 2006

Pray Away My Sinusitis, Would Y'all?

I had a bad allergic reaction two days ago that led to a painful case of sinusitis--as has often happened to me in the last two decades. (You don't wanna know about the year it happened six times and I was ready to jump off a bridge!)

Right now, a couple of hedgehogs seem to have taken up residence in my congested, aching places in my head.

I'm drinking juice and irrigating with saline solution, but I figure prayer is always needful and helpful.

If any of y'all are inclined, please pray for my healing. I often get bronchitis from sinusitis, and that means I'd be miserably sick for 3 weeks, minimum, and risking another bout of pneumonia. (I don't recover snappily from any infection.)

Thanks, praying pals, and see you when the hedgehogs go back to their hedges.


Shannon said...

Praying, Mir!!

The Curmudgeon's Rant said...

Prayer? You got it!

sally apokedak said...

I'm praying. Any better?

michael snyder said...

Praying feel better!


April said...

Hugs on the hedgehogs! Definately will put in some prayer for that!

My dr told me to take Claritan the last time I had a sinus infection. You may have already tried it. But it did alleviate some of the pressure and "other" accompanying symptoms.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

I'm praying too!

I have totally bad sinuses, so I can relate!

Meg said...

I'm praying anti-hedgehog prayers for you.

sharon said...

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