Saturday, May 06, 2006


The Mistress of Mirathon loves to visit blogs. Here's some good stuff you may want to blogsurf to:

Drop by NOVEL JOURNEY soon. Gina and the gals have some nifty stuff up there, especially a two-part interview with editor Karen Ball. I think anyone who is writing with an eye to be published in the CBA should check it out. Karen talks about branding, the "wow" factor, how far ahead Zondervan is booked, whose fiction she considers anointed by God, and more. Some other excellent posts on the site this week. Go there! When you're done here, natch.

Mike "DeComposer" Duran has had mighty stimulating posts lately on matters of theological concern. You'll also want to read his most recent entry about one way that God has spoken to him and how it relates to his writing:

Now I'm not easily enamored with visions and words and premonitions, nor people who claim to have them all the time. But I believe God spoke and God speaks; He still interacts with His people on a personal level. And sometimes this involves oddball intrusions.

Over at Forensics & Faith, Brandilyn "Seatbelt Suspense" Collins demystifies the bestseller list for you. (And thanks to B.C. and Kris B. for help with my novel blurb.)

Camy "3-Book Deal" Tang, in case you didn't know, has been giving away books. Yes, book giveaways. Books for FREE. Drop by her loft and enter the latest giveaway by following her instructions (ie posting a comment saying, "enter me in the drawing to win X book, please, Camykins.")

If you haven't discovered the cerebral yumminess of J. Mark Bertrand, then I suggest you do so today. If you're a writer, read his entry on "The Only Writing Teacher" you can rely on. His most recent entry over the terrific group blog, The Master's Artist, is "Why We Don't Know What We're Doing."

If you've been following the latest, big plagiarism brouhaha, and you wonder how it would feel to just freely help yourself to the creative work of other people--and if you haven't heard about the Viswanathan scandal, or if you haven't wondered, then, er, um. . . forget about the next link--here's a contest for you.

If you write paranormal or fantasy romance, and you wonder where Anna Genoese of Tor might be hanging out, so that you can pitch your opus her way, here's her schedule. I don't recommend Christian fiction be pitched to her, though. Ahem. You'll want to check out her archives, btw. She has great "insider" stuff on publishing. Sometimes, she just cuts to the chase:

The best advice I can give anyone about submission is: Don't be an idiot.

Then she gives some helpful, if basic, pointers on finding guidelines via the internet and formatting manuscripts. She's a vegan with painted toenails and attitude!

Ever wonder what the submitting-to-an-agent process looks like from an agent's POV? Wonder no more. Jennifer Jackson (an agent who actually will take on SF/F) has posted on this subject.

Bonnie, aka, She Who Writes, has some really terrific links on writing a synopsis on her sidebar over at, well, ah, BONNIE WRITES. ATTENTION CRITTER LOVERS! She's got, for whatever reason or conjunction of heavenly bodies, lots of cute animal pics on her blog this week. If you swoon for pooches and meowers, you'll want to stroll down her page. The silver cat on the blue couch had me guffawing. The wee kitty playing with a leaf looks like a toy, she is soooooooo cute! Make sure you scroll way down 'til you get to the striped kitty under a dozy hound dog's ear. It will make your day.

And lastly, you don't have much time. If you hurry, you might get your free comic book because today--what's left of it--is Free Comic Book Day. Visit kooky Chris Mikesell for his posts on the subject.

Happy Linking!

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