Monday, May 29, 2006

For Those Who Died To Keep This Country Free And Safe: THANK YOU

A lot of blood has been shed by good men and women, both old and young, in many conflicts over the centuries. To all those who gave their all for the good of their fellow humans, I salute you.

And may God bless richly and fully the families and friends of all the brave and true who have died in our most recent conflicts. His peace and comfort be upon all of you. His guidance be with you. His love rain on you. There is no greater sacrifice than to give one's life for one's friend.

Thank you.

And heads up to Karen Hancock for these words by Victor Davis Hanson on what our selfless troops have done in the ME:

We should remember the achievement this Memorial Day of those in the field who alone crushed the Taliban and Saddam Hussein, stayed on to offer a new alternative other than autocracy and theocracy, and kept a targeted United States safe from attack for over four years.


Bonnie Calhoun said...

Amen to that sister!

Elliot said...

My only problem with that is how often people take "There is no greater sacrifice than to give one's life for one's friend" and link it to 'dying for your country' when what they really mean is 'killing for your country.'

It's radical Muslims who celebrate martyrs who kill as they die.

Genuine Christian martyrs don't kill, they die.

Aside from that point, amen.

Victoria Gaines said...

Thanks, Mir. Just thought I'd stop by to catch up on some reading here. Love your blog!


Mirtika said...

I'm not referring to Christian martyrs here. I am referring to wrariors, soldiers. God has exalted many warriors--David, Joshua, Abraham, the coming Christ who will destroy the enemies who gather to Jerusalem--and never said, "Oh, terrible of you to go and kill those enemies."

There is room for warriors in my theology. And thanking those who make that sacrifice.


Gina Holmes said...

I came here to thank you for the mention and now I'm really glad I did so I can keep David in my prayers.