Monday, May 15, 2006

THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE FICTION & FANTASY BLOG TOUR! You can win a complete Christian Science Fiction Trilogy

Stories of science fiction and fantasy make up a significant part of our entertainment industry--in films and books, on television and online.

You know it's true!

The adventures of a wizard orphan captivated us--and billions of dollars--in print and on the screen. A lion symbolizing Christ as Savior roars through a classic fantasy series and in a recent box office smash. Spock is not primarily a children's "doc." Skywalker isn't immediately thought of as an American Indian moniker, but rather the name of a young man in tune with "the force." We know how to doo-doo-doo-doo the Twilight Zone theme.

A passionate segment of us who love SF/F and are Christians want to see more believers reading and writing tales of wonder, enjoying futuristic or fantastical stories. We think it's crazy that a popular genre seems moribund in the CBA. Christianity is a religion of the marvelous and the mind-boggling. We're the natural audience of tales of great powers and miracle-working heroes and heroines and amazing deeds.

So, we're starting modestly.

We plan to promote monthly something related to Christian SF/F--a book, an author, a website, etc. Our bloggy spotlight this month shines on our inaugural subject for THE CHRISTIAN SF/F BLOG TOUR --

Tim Frankovich's online site, FOCUS ON CHRISTIAN FANTASY.

What will you find there? Well, click on the link above and go see!
All right. Just a teeny bit of a preview. . . Some Christian SF/F books you'll find reviewed there by Tim are:

Douglas Hirt's FLIGHT TO EDEN and QUEST FOR ATLAN, the first two books in a trilogy set in pre-flood days.

GIVER OF ROSES by Kathleen Morgan

THE RATS OF HAMELIN by Adam & Keith McCune, a retelling of the Pied Piper tale.

THE LAST GUARDIAN by Shane Johnson

DRAGONSPELL by Donita K. Paul, and its sequel, DRAGONQUEST.

The critically praised LEGEND OF THE GUARDIAN KING series: THE LIGHT OF EIDON, THE SHADOW WITHIN, SHADOW OVER KIRIATH, all by Karen Hancock. The first two books won the Christy Award, and the third is nominated this year for yet another Christy. In total, Ms. Hancock's works of speculative Christian fiction have won her four Christy award nominations and three awards. You really should check out this fine series!

SHIVERING WORLD ,a science fiction title by Kathy Tyers, is also reviewed at Tim's site, though not her praised FIREBIRD trilogy.

So, I'm giving you Mirathon visitors, guests to the first CHRISTIAN SF/F BLOG TOUR, a chance to win THE FIREBIRD TRILOGY, a three-in-one volume, the complete saga.

Why should you want this trilogy? Space battles. Romance. Spiritual themes. Good writing. (And for you ladies, a hero to DIE for!)

Well, you can read my review of the first installment over at I'm the spotlight review dated September 10, 1999, that 22 out of 22 folks found helpful. It begins with this first sentence: "I'm giving this five stars not because it's some academically thought out review, nitpicking every sentence--almost nothing would get five stars that way--but because once I got several pages into it, I was totally swept into the story of Firebird and her world(s)."

Okay, it's not my most comprehensive or brilliant review, but, hey, 22 people thought it helped.

If you want the FIREBIRD trilogy, post a comment for this blog entry and say you want the book. It's that simple. Put some identifier there. Anonymous won't help. A first name is fine or some nickname.

I'll announce the winner in a post here at Mirathon, so you'll need to check back next week to see if it's you. We'll hammer out the "how to mail it to you" details at that time.

Other fine folks are participating in this tour. You should drop by and visit some (or all!) and have a good time with us:

Becky Miller
Beth Goddard, who is giving away a copy of OUTRIDERS by Kathryn Mackel, a fine Christian science fiction novel I reviewed in March here and at
Shannon McNear
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Jason Joyner’s Spoiled for the Ordinary
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LaShaunda’s See You On The Net blog
Cheryl Russell's "Unseen Worlds"
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And if you want to read a really fun interview where Tim Frankovich takes on Mike "DeComposer" Duran's questions, drop by DeCompose, Mike's blog.

UPDATE: Karen Hancock, fabulous author of the LEGENDS OF THE GUARDIAN KING series and of the award-winning allegory novel, ARENA, has joined the blog tour. YAY! She's pooped out, but a supportive trooper.


Jason said...

Thanks for the comment. Wow, a book giveaway! I'd love a shot at a good sci-fi/fantasy! I'm also interested to see where the blog tour takes us!
Jason (JediQB on f*i*f)

Elliot said...


I want the book!

I read her Shivering World lately and I quite liked it. I'd love to read the Firebird trilogy too.

Rae said...

I have been reading about the Firebird trilogy on and off in Christian SF/Fantasy circles. I would love to win a copy of the book.

Nice idea, this blog tour. I am off to read more.


Bonnie Calhoun said...

Several years ago I read The Last Guardian by Shane Johnson....that was an excellent and riveting story!

Cheryl Russell said...

I think it's cool Karen Hancock got wind of the tour. :-)

I'm opting out of the book giveaway only because I already have it...just haven't had a chance to read it! grrrr. so many books, so little time!

Cheryl Russell
Unseen Worlds blog

Valerie Comer said...

Not putting my name in as I own the trilogy...and LOVE it. Great post on a subject dear to my heart today.

Camy Tang said...

I love the Firebird trilogy! It's so awesome (I have it so don't put me down or anything). Now that I'm done with my book, I can see what I'm missing on this blog tour.

The Curmudgeon's Rant said...

Is it too late to sign me up?

M. C. Pearson said...

Sign me up!!! I'm a wanna-be-published Christian Fantasy writer.

sherri said...

If it's not too late you can put me on your list--

Mirtika said...

It's not too late. I'll take names until the drawing early next week--I'm thinking Monday, if I'm not still horribly ill.

thanks all...

Elliot said...

In regards to your "Christian Chick Lit with a nod to the Parsifal/Grail tales"

You might want to check out Susan Shwartz's The Grail of Hearts, which incorporates Jesus, the Parsifal/Grail tales, and the Wandering Jew. The author is Jewish but she's quite respectful of Jesus.