Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Apprentice Writers: Win WRITING THE BREAKOUT NOVEL WORKBOOK by Donald Maass

MIRATHON'S first book giveaway!

Most of you who write fiction (published or unpublished) have heard of Donald Maass and of his bestselling WRITING THE BREAKOUT NOVEL--perhaps even of his workshops by that title. (Several ACFW members have raved about it.) Could be that you've read that "hot" writing book in the last couple of years.

Well, maybe you didn't know about the workbook. (If you read Camy's blog, you've definitely heard about it.)

It's designed to help you. . .

*build plot layers
*create inner conflicts
*strengthen voice and POV
*discover and heighten larger-than-life character traits
*strengthen theme
*and much more!

If you want to go step-by-step through the exercises he's developed to help you write a novel with the "wow" factor, here's your chance to win WRITING THE BREAKOUT NOVEL WORKBOOK for FREE.

(Hey, I have to go to the post office at the end of the month anyhow, so why not kick off my first giveaway to coincide?)

Just click on the comments link at the bottom of this post and enter a comment that tells me, briefly, why you think you need this "hands-on help for making your novel stand out and succeed." I'm going to put names in a bag and pick one at random.

You'll get double the chances to win if you do this:

Visit my writing blog, Once Upon A Novel, and add a comment HERE, under this blog post, that tells me which of the articles at Once Upon A Novel was most helpful or of interest to you.

Note: I will eventually need the winner's email and snail mail addresses to send the book, so if you're superduperprivate and won't ever give it to me, well . . . don't enter! (Addresses will be used ONLY for the book, not for any advertising or any other nefarious and selfish enterprise.)

Good luck!


Sore Rejectee said...

I want the book so I can smack Maass over the head with it for plugging it so shamelessly (and his other books) in a form rejection letter from his agency. So THERE! THUD! TAKE THAT, DON!

kmorphy@comcast.net said...

I just received judging sheets back from a contest. One of the judges suggested this book might help me strengthen conflict, but then another said the conflict was fine. Either way, it would be helpful.

John said...

I know for a fact that I need help with conflict! My stories are always too hunky-dory, everyone sing kum-by-yah, and that just stinks! Plus I've been learning that my POV skills are shaky. Basically, the more I learn, the more I realize I have more to learn. Help me!

Missy T said...

Why I think I need Breakout Novel Workbook? Hmmm. Well, mainly because I'm not a gifted plotter. I need help!! :)

Missy T.

GeorgianaD said...

I'm such a green pea, I need help in all areas! I've looked for the book and workbook here in town and can't find it. I guess there's always online...

Jason said...

I went to your site and I can't really say which part is helpful yet because I'm going to spend quite a bit of time reading that opening section. I'm a sponge right now trying to pick up any help. I'm seeking knowledge to help me start my writing career in the right way and I think this workbook would greatly help me with my initial novel effort.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Just stopped to say Hi! I already have the workbook!

Mirtika said...

Sore Rejectee--well, that may well be the oddest reason you need it, but I accept it. Try not to hurt the man too much if you win. ; )

K Morphy and John--I finally started to get a handle on conflict. For years, I just couldn't seem to "get it." I also had the "ladeedah all is well" kind of stories, except for a bit of moping. hah.

Missy, I'm with you in the PLOTTING IS REALLY, REALLY HARD club.

Georgiana, I love green peas. You go really well with meatloaf and mashed potatoes. :D Turkey, too.

Jason, spend all the time you need absorbin and writing, absorbing and writing. You'll get there.

Miz Bonnie! Hello you cat and dog lover you. Hugs.


Missy T said...

Okay, I'm aiming for a second entry for the workbook drawing. :)

I LOVED your article at Once Upon A Novel called "The Paragraph That Helps You Write Your Whole Novel". A great resource, Mir! I already copied and pasted the paragraph.


sally apokedak said...

I need the book because my crit partners hate my novel in progress. LOL

I love Maass' Breakout Novel book and I think the workbook will be helpful to me because I learn by doing not just reading. So I'd love to be forced to work through what he teaches in Breakout Novel.

sally apokedak said...

I can't choose the most helpful post on Once Upon a Novel because they are all immensely helpful in different areas.

Mary Bell Foster said...

So many ACFW'ers have said it is good that my infernal curiosity is piqued. No, I'm not a cat. lol. Seriously, I need the help with this ministry/job/addiction called writing. Doing it well is important. I wouldn't ever want to let God down by turning out something that was beneath my ability. Yes, I do think I have the ability, otherwise God wouldn't call me to this task. :-) Thank you Mir, for this opportunity. God bless. Mary

Mirtika said...

Mary, your enthusiasm is fabulous. I always feel a kinship with folks who feel the NEED TO WRITE and to do it, in whole or part, FOR GOD.

I have the same "calling," girl. Good luck with the contest. Remember, if you want a double chance, post here about which ONCE UPON A NOVEL blog post was most helpful or inspiring or eye-opening for you. :D


Zoe said...

I need this book because I need help making my stories (especially my plots) more complex. The conflict in my stories tends to be simple and lacking in something, and it needs fixing.

Zoe said...

As for what post at "Once Upon A Novel" was most helpful to me, I'd have to say "Turn This Key"... I'd never thought of scenes that way before, and it helped me think about them in a different way and see which scenes are superfluous.

Yours Truly said...

Sally's reason gets my vote (and no, I'm not one of her crit partners).

My tired brain can't come up with anything more creative than I want my novel to "stand out and suceed." Good thing the drawing's random!


Yours Truly said...

As for "Once Upon a Novel," I liked your post on scenes being the basic unit of a novel. It's easy to stuff in an extra scene where it's not needed. Thanks for the push to rip out static.

xavier said...

I don't want to be just the next Dan Brown, I actually want to be a competent authour

T. E.George said...

I need the book because I have a novel that's >>>this close<<< to being ready. An agent and publisher were both almost ready to bite but said as a first time author I needed a little more polish.

After reading James Scott Bell's book on Plot, I think there's a lot more polishing to do.

Thanks for your site and the chance to win the book.

T. E.George said...

Associate Publisher Chip MacGregor's
Tips For Writers Who Want To Be Great,
Not Bad or Just Okay.

This is what I need most: to the point, practical, steps toward writing better fiction.

I will revisit this one often.